Grand Spectacle of the World

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Grand Spectacle of the World is a major attraction and is located in the Tianhe Village. The attraction includes six landscape wonders, nine natural wonders as well as 3 plant wonders.
Visitors can see European gardens, Japanese gardens, Chinese gardens, British gardens and much more. It includes statues collected from twenty different countries, six theaters as well as many recreational areas.

Things to Do


Located in a suburb of Guangzhou, Tianhe, the Grand Spectacle of the World or Scenic Park is spread over an area of around 480,000 square meters. The park has been established with an investment of 567 million CNY. It is considered one of the top scenic locations in Guangzhou and has also been praised as Guangzhou Tourism’s Moon Project.

A Comprehensive Attraction 

Grand Spectacle of the World is a very impressive attraction since it has gathered some of the most wonderful views in the world of entertainment performances, customs, national traditions, horticulture, architecture, sculptures and nature and has vividly reproduced them as the artistic and cultural highlights of all five continents. It is a comprehensive, large scale attraction which mixes participation, stimulation and appreciation. Its exclusive feature is that it makes real scenes even more real due to its fascination and uniqueness.

The Main Attractions 

The Grand Spectacle of the World has been divided into various horticultural areas, 4 entertainment areas and 6 theaters along with an American street, Mexican Market, Italian Street and Arabian Market that integrate all the functions of shopping, dining and entertainment together. 

Location And Background 

Grand Spectacle of the World is located in the village of Tianhe Dongpuhuang in the Guangdong Province. The sceneries depicted in the park are inspired from actual spots all over the world. These sceneries have been built in an area of around 480,000 sq m and an investment of around 600 million CYN. The park was officially opened to the public in October, 1995.


Grand Spectacle of the World has a lot of activities and attractions. It has four main gardens known as Japan gardens, British gardens, European gardens and Chinese gardens. Here, visitors will find some of the most renowned natural sceneries of the world along with beautiful views and many interesting activities. The park also has six very large theaters, 4 large recreational areas, architectural highlights from 20 different countries as well as a whole range of facilities.
Visitors will find several different attractions to keep occupied. Grand Spectacle of the World showcases landform spectacles, delicacies, snacks, entertainment options and buildings from more than 26 countries throughout the world. Other than that there are also shops where visitors can purchase souvenirs and handicrafts. 

Solo Adventure Tips:


Tianhe Dongpuhuang Village, Guangzhou City

How to Get There?

 Visitors can reach Grand Spectacle of the World by taking Bus No. 224, 548 and 549. 

Ticket Price:

100 yuan/ person

Opening Hours:

More Tips:

Since the Grand Spectacle of the World is spread over a very large area, it is recommended that visitors spend at least a few hours here. 

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