Guangzhou Art Museum

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The Guangzhou Art Museum includes 12 different exhibition halls indoors spread over an area of around 8000 sq m. It also has a sculpture garden outdoors which is 5000 sq m large. The museum hosts around 60 exhibitions each year.

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Guangzhou Art Museum is located at the foot of the Baiyun Mountain and along the Luhu Lake shores. The museum occupies a large building of around 40,000 sq m in size. It is a comprehensive museum which has been constructed through funds provided by the Guangzhou People Government. Construction of the Guangzhou Art Museum was completed in the year 2000.

A Comprehensive Museum 

Guangzhou Art Museum is a comprehensive, large art museum and is considered to be an artistic and cultural palace of modern and ancient treasures. The exhibitions in the museum are based mainly on the paintings and calligraphies of the various dynasties of the country. It features collections in the Lingnan area and also showcases other art work. The museum has over 24,000 collections and many of these are national heritages. 

Ink Bamboos 

Among the collections at Guangzhou Art Museum, the most precious are the Ink Bamboos that were painted during the Song Dynasty by Wen Tong. There are only three such precious pieces left today in the world. It also has The River and The Mountain painted by Da Jin during the Ming Dynasty. The Bamboos had been painted in the Yuan dynasty by Li Heng.

The Construction 

The Guangzhou Art Museum was designed by Mo Bozhi, a very well known construction designer. The design of the museum draws on the traditional Lingnan construction style. The dominant color scheme in the building is white. It looks magnificent, elegant and dignified with its red sandrock colonnade. The statues and buildings live harmoniously with the surrounding environment, forming a beautiful architectural complex with delicate decoration and graceful disorder. 

The Building 

Guangzhou Art Museum has an overall environment of rich artistry. Impressions of Century is a sculpture created by Tang Daxi that stands in front of the museum’s main gate and expressing the human culture’s glory. Towards the left is a tower. The tower includes connotation of the words harvest and ship which refer to Guangzhou aliases. On the main gate’s south is a red sandrock wall which is engraved with prehistorical pictures.

The Main Attractions 

The Guangzhou Art Museum’s main entrance has been decorated with beautiful corridor, tall beams as well as three pairs of magnificent and elegant carved gate made from solid wood. The statues of Twelve Flower Fairies with the classical garden style created by Liang Mingcheng are located in the museum’s inner court. These are different and graceful.
The museum’s construction features the traditional courtyard design of China. The towers of different shapes work as transition parts to create a picturesque effect. The detailed work of the construction such as the stone carved decoration of dragon with the local characteristics, Tang and Han dynasty eave rafter and fire sealing gable showcase the style and culture of Lingnan area.

Calligraphy and Painting 

Masters of calligraphy and painting as well as collectors from throughout china have their own celebrity galleries in Guangzhou Art Museum that have been named after them. It also hosts various special exhibitions throughout the year.

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No. 13, Luhu Lu in Guangzhou

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Visitors can reach Guangzhou Art Museum by taking bus 883, 808, 297, 63 or 10 to Hengfu Road Bus station.

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Opening Hours:
9:00 – 17:00 (close every Monday)

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