Huang Hua Gang Park

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The Huang Hua Gang Park is built to commemorate the 72 martyrs that were killed during the uprising of Tongmenghui. The cemetery’ work began in 1912 and was finished in the year 1921.

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On 27th April, 1911, a revolutionary organization known as Tongmenghui that was led by Sun Yat Sen had starting an uprising for overthrowing the Qing Dynasty in order to build a democratic country. However, their efforts failed and 72 martyrs were killed. Their bodies have been buried at the Huang Hua Gang Park. The cemetery’ work began in 1912 and was finished in the year 1921. It was later found that there had been 86 martyrs in the uprising. 30 of these had been overseas Chinese.


Huang Hua Gang Park has a stone tomb behind which is a monument that is inscribed with the 72 names of the martyrs. On top of the monument stands a replica of Statue of Liberty. According to history, San Yat Sen, a precursor of Democratic Revolution in the country had promoted the local Alliance Society for carrying out various activities against feudalism and imperialism.
On the day of the event, the revolution had been initiated in the Guangzhou City for overthrowing Qing Dynasty. Huang Xiang had led over 130 people for attacking the government offices for a day. Lin Shishuang, Yu Peilun, Lin Juemin as well as various other heroes had to give up their life in this process. Pan Dawei, an Alliance Society member, had risked himself for burying the martyrs in Gongzhou at Huanghuagang.

The Main Features 

Huang Hua Gang Park is spread over an area of 30,000 sq m. At the park’s entrance is an archway while there are three others located throughout the park. The tomb itself is located on top of a hill. It has a square base made from rough stones. A kiosk on the base has been encrypted with Tomb of the 72 martyrs.
Other than the tomb, the park also has a monument with a head shaped like pyramid which has been built with 72 stones. There is a Statue of Liberty replica holding a torch which is located on top of this monument. Behind this monument is a stele that records the uprising activities.

The Stele 

Huang Hua Gang Park has a beautiful stele located in front of the gate that has the words Justice Lasts Forever inscribed on it. These words had been written by Dr. Sun Yat Sen. There are several verdant and green cypresses and pines located inside the park. These trees stand in order to represent the undaunted spirits of these martyrs.
The tomb of the martyrs stands quietly on the hill and roots deeply into the land that they had all deeply loved. There is also a stele for virtues and merits behind this tomb. The Liberty Goddess expresses the revolutionary spirit of equality and the fight for freedom. Other than the tomb, the Huang Hua Gang Park also has many pines that had been planted by Sun Yat Sen.
Huang Hua Gang Park is full of blooming chrysanthemums and green trees. It has a tranquil but grand environment. The Huang Hua Gang Park is also home to Huanghua gardens, Octagonal Pavilion, Square Pond, Silent Pond, Huanghua Pavilion and Huanghua Well.

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How to Get There?

Visitors can reach Huang Hua Gang Park by taking bus 192, 72, 223, 122, 65, 27, 16, 11 and 6 and get down at Huang Hua Gang stop.

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9:00 – 17:00

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Spring and summer are the best seasons to visit Huang Hua Gang Park.

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