Lan Pu (Orchid Garden)

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Lan Pu or the Orchid Garden is located near the Yuexia Park and covers an area of over 50,000 sq m. The garden specializes mainly in orchid cultivation. It has more than 200 types of precious orchids. The garden also has a new teahouse where visitors can relax and enjoy the beautiful views over some tea.

Things to Do


Lan Pu is an elegant garden which offers a wonderful retreat from the city. Covering more than 20 acres of area, the garden has winding paths going through groves of tropical and bamboo trees. It also has classic teahouses and ponds filled with carp. Here visitors can sit and enjoy the beautiful flowers blooming and try Chinese teas in a tea house that has been brewed in the traditional manner. The teahouses have terraces and tables overlooking the ponds.

A Great Place to Relax

Lan Pu has more than 10,000 orchid pots and over 2000 species. During the peak season of May to June, the garden is covered with blooms and looks beautiful. Constructed in the year 1950, Lan Pu is a great place for visitors to relax and take a break from the city life. The beautiful orchids are a sight for the sore eyes. 

The East Area 

Lan Pu has been divided into west and east areas. The Eastern area is mainly used for orchid cultivation. It has a large range of orchid plants and various different breeds. Some of the rare breeds that can be found in Lan Pu are Song Plum, Big Treasure Richness, Parrot, White Veins, Silver Mouth, Gold Mouth and Spun Gold Horsetail.
The garden mainly has three sheds. The third and first sheds are used for cultivating earth growing orchids. When the orchids are blooming, this area is fragrant and very colorful with the flowers. The second shed is used for cultivating air growing orchids or foreign orchids. These will leech on to trees, walls and trunks with few but aromatic flowers. 

The West Area

The Western area has several towers, terraces and pavilions and is a great place to relax. There is a turning path which extends to the moon gate. This gate has been decorated with apanese banana leaf. The leaf provides a tropical charm to the garden. The gate also keeps the area secluded and hidden from other distractions.

Tongxin Hall 

Lan Pu is home to the Tongxin Hall which got its name due to the inscription “Vanilla grass and Orchid have the same fragrance” written by Zhue De. The Hall consists of a smaller and a larger hall along with a water pavilion. Tongxin Hall is located close to the pond and is a beautiful place to enjoy beautiful scenery. It also received various important leaders in the past such as Zhang Aiping, Tao Zhu, Xu Xiangqian, Ye Jianying, Dong Biwu, Zhu De. They wrote inscriptions in the hall or donated their own orchids to the park. 
Another attraction in Lan Pu is Bajiao Pavilion which reposes in dense trees and bamboos. It is a great place for visitors to drink a cup of tea and enjoy beautiful sceneries in perfect harmony of each other. The best place to visit Lan Pu is when the orchids are in bloom. 

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901 Jiefang BeiLu in Yuexiu district of Guangzhou

How to Get There?

Visitors can reach Lan Pu by taking bus number 103, 101, 63, 58, 33, 24, 21, 10, 7, 6 or 5.

Ticket Price:


Opening Hours:

8:00 – 18:00

More Tips:

The entrance fee also includes the price of a pot of tea served by the pool!

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