Maofeng Mountain Forest Park

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Located at the junction place of Taihe Town and Liangtian Town in Baiyun District, Maofeng Mountain Forest Park is about 25 kilometers (about 15.53 miles) from the downtown area of Guangzhou City. Covering an area of 4534.8 hectare, Maofeng Mountain Forest Park is twice as large as Baiyun Mountain Scenic Spot. Moreover, the highest peak of Maofeng Mountain is 534.9 meters above sea level, which is 152.9 meters higher than Moxing Peak in Baiyun Mountain. So, Maofeng Mountain is the highest peak in Guangzhou. The vegetation coverage here is more than 95%, so the scenery here is charming and the air here is clean. In addition to the natural beauty, the facilities here are in good condition as well. There are a lot of outdoor expansion activities here, such as rock climbing, field operations, camping, downhill etc., attracting numbers of young people here.

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You can take Bus 529 at Guangzhou Railway Station, or take Bus 246 at Guangzhou Zoo, and get off at Taihe Station. Then you can take Bus 827 and get off at Maofeng Mountain Forest Park, which takes about 40 minutes. Besides, you can also take Bus 504 to Taihe Zhonglu Station, and then walk to Taihe Master Station where there are special tourists buses to Maofeng Mountain Forest Park.

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