Oriental Paradise

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The Oriental Paradise is located at the shore of the Da Jin Zhong Reservoir, the foot of the Baiyun Mountain, suburb of Guangzhou. It is a modern amusement city with strong local characteristics and national style while presenting Chinese culture in terms of advanced technology. What’s more, it is the first Chinese member of the International Tourism and Amusement Association.

Covering an area of 240,000 square meters, the Oriental Paradise owns not only more than 50 amusement activities using apparatus such as the double-tracked scenic railway, air train, Ferris wheel, but also a water paradise made up of a 1500-meter artificial wave and a water slide. Besides, there is a central stage, a performing arts center, a circarama cinema, a Karaoke dance hall, the statue house of Chinese historic figures, and the realistic shooting spot of the Oriental Film Company (the square in the film Shanghai Tan and the street in Huang Feihong), which together make the Oriental Paradise a world-class comprehensive amusement park.

The Oriental Paradise has held the yearly "Guangzhou Folk Art Festival" since 1987. The festival is the integrative presentation of our national folk arts and folk custom and hence is called the Chinese folk carnival. Every year, when the festival comes, more than 100 song and dance troupes at home and abroad will take part in the folk art festival, bringing with them a great many wonderful performances. The Folk Art Festival has become the specific culture-oriented travel festival in Guangzhou.

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At the shore of the Da Jin Zhong Reservoir, the foot of the Baiyun Mountain, suburb of Guangzhou.

How to Get There?

Travelers can take buses No. 76, 36, 38, 127, 274, 805, 864, 891, 66, 265, and 529. Price of the admission ticket: RMB 80 yuan per person

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9:00 – 17:00

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