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Panyu Lotus Hill Scenic Area

Lotus Hill scenic spot is a natural wonder successfully integrating the ancient straightforwardness and modern delicacy. National Travel Bureau judged Lotus Hill as a 4A scenic spot in 2002.

Lotus Hill has a gorgeous landscape and surrounded by beautiful lake and is also an inspiring place producing achieving people. It is composed of four attractions: the Lotus Tower scenic spot, the Lotus City scenic spot, the Kwan Yin Fairy Land and the site of stone landscape.

The leading scenic spot of stone landscape is a rare large-scale ancient site of stone quarry in China. Travelers can find many high and steep cliffs, strange rocks and caves showing the prodigious skills of craftsmen. The whole scenic spot is well-known for the perfect handiwork which is even better than natural wonder, called "relic of stone carving" and a wonder of the only artificial Danxia in China.

Lotus Tower, built in the 40th year of the emperor Wan Li in the Ming Dynasty (1612 A. D.), is the representative of the Lotus Tower scenic spot. It is also called Wen Chang Tower. Lotus Tower has been honored as the "Capital's Cloud Pillar". Climbing up to the top of the tower, you can take a nice look of the running  water of Zhujiang River and the crisscross paths on farmlands.

Lotus City, first built in the 3rd year of the emperor Kang Xi in the Qing Dynasty (1664 A. D.), was used to protect the floods from the Zhujiang River by the Qing government. The ancient city remind people looking back upon the details and stories of about a hundred years ago.

When you enter the Kwan Yin Fairy Land, you will find a great many pure and holy lotuses as well as a magnificent bronze statue of the "Sea Goddess of Mercy" with gold foil. The whole place is so holy that you will be filled with awe at the first sight of it and will feel that you are on the Paradise of the West.

You can not only appreciate a lot of beautiful natural scenes and simple humanistic landscape but also completely enjoy the pleasure resulting from the modern entertainment activities. Because in Lotus Hill scenic spot there is a big water paradise with various water activities as well as a place alongside the river for barbecue and camping which can take great pleasure to visitors.

How to Get There?
There are direct buses to Lotus Hill. Travelers can take bus at Da Ji Tou central bus station of Haizhu District; or take bus at Guangzhou Avenue and transfer to special line at Municipal Bridge of Panyu; or take boat there at Xiti Dock.

Opening Hours:
8:30 – 16:30

More Tips:

1. The best tourist time: You can appreciate the splendid sight of the blooming peach blossoms matching beauty with each other if you come to Lotus Hill in spring time. And you can appreciate the verdant trees in Lotus Hill and have a lot of fun playing at the water paradise as well as the rare sight of millions of lotuses blooming at the same time at the Lotus Festival if you come here in June, July or August. 2. Food: In Lotus Hill scenic spot, there are some good restaurants where visitors can have the Cantonese cuisine, Panyu special delicacy and some other famous cuisines. You can also enjoy the self served barbecue according to your own taste to have more pleasure. 3. Accommodation: There are many hotels in quiet and pleasant ambience for holidays inside the Lotus Hill scenic spot. It is very convenient for travelers.

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