South China Botanical Garden

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The botanical garden located in a setting of hills, caves, lakes and streams grows over 4,000 types of plants including over 2,000 tropical and sub-tropical plants introduced or transplanted from other regions in China or from abroad.  

The whole park covering an area of 315 hectares is composed of palm floral region, relict floral region, shaded plants area, officinal plants area, gymnosperm area, economic plants area, garden floral area, tropical greenhouse floral region, anti-pollution plants area and nurseries.

Solo Adventure Tips:


The botanical garden is located at the foot of Huolu Hill, northeast suburbs of Guangzhou.

How to Get There?

Travelers can take bus No. 84 at the front door of the zoo and get off at the South China Botanical Garden bus stop; or take the bus No. 28 at the Tianpingjia Bus Station in Shahe and get off at the South China Botanical Garden; or take buses No. 39, 84, 534, 535 to go there.

Ticket Price:

20 yuan for adults, and 10 yuan for students

Opening Hours:

8:00 – 17:00

More Tips:

There are some new special entertainment facilities in the botanical garden, such as the South China paint ball field operation club and fishing club. 
Travelers can enjoy their dinner at Qilin Pavilion restaurant inside the botanical garden.

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