Xiangjiang Wild Animals World

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Sometimes, merely reading about animals and wildlife from the books is not enough, especially for the kids. It is better to witness reality with their own eyes to be able to fully absorb the knowledge.

The good thing is that, when it comes to animals and wildlife, there is one amazing place that people can go to. That is, the Xiangjiang Wild Animals World. The entire country of China takes pride in this attraction because of the variety of animals that they provide home to. Aside from that, this place has also contributed in animal preservation and protection. They help in taking care of the animals so they would have a peaceful life. Aside from that, the experts in this place also assist when it comes to breeding and reproduction.

What makes the Xiangjiang Wild Animals World even better is that its existence is not merely for entertainment of tourists. This place is also dedicated to help out in scientific research. More importantly, it aims to push proliferation of knowledge and education about animals and wildlife to more people.

The Xiangjiang Wild Animals World is considered as a 5A tourism attraction. It means that its beauty is definitely world-class. In fact, this is known as the biggest wild animal theme park in the world. This is primarily because the population of wild animals which have found home in this place exceeds all others.

Things To Do

It is a must for people who will visit the Xiangjiang Wild Animals World to go around and explore the entirety of the place. All in all, this place covers up to 1.4 million square meters. Yes, that could mean an entire day of walking but it is all worth it.

The amount of space that this place has is great, especially for the animals. They can live their lives like as if they are still in the wild. The only difference is that in this place, there will be no danger to their lives and they can run around freely.

Most of the areas within the Xiangjiang Wild Animals World are allocated for specific wild animals. There is also a big section which is maintained as a subtropical rainforest. Because of how the Xiangjiang Wild Animals World mimics the natural habitat of animals, the wild creatures are able to sustain a healthy life. Among the animals which can be seen here include 10 pandas and 18 koalas. There are also mongoose and tapir in this place. The most amazing section for tourists, especially the kids is the one that is dedicated for 150 white tigers.

All in all, there are 460 kinds of rare wild animals which reside in the Xiangjiang Wild Animals World. Aside from being well taken cared of, they are also guided by the best researchers and scientists. That is why, they can maintain an excellent life.

The Xiangjiang Wild Animals World is definitely different from the other typical zoos in the world. This will allow guests to experience how it is to be in the wild. More importantly, the animals can also live their lives without being imprisoned.

It is a place that is ideal for the entire family as well as individuals who are looking for some thrill and added knowledge about animals. The trip to this place is not just exciting but very educational too.

Solo Adventure Tips:


Dashi Town, Fanyu

How to Get There?

Tourists can take the metro line 3 to get close to this attraction. However, it is recommended to ride a cab which will go straight to Xiangjiang Wild Animals World.

Ticket Price:

150 CNY

Opening Hours:

9:30 am to 5:30 pm

More Tips:

 An entire day would be sufficient to explore the rest of the place.

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