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Braised Goose

Last updated by poyuzhe at 2017/6/21

Braised Goose is a kind of traditional roast meat in Guangzhou. It originated from roast duck. Choose small or middle goose and remove its wing, foot and internal organs. Blow it and smear five spices, sew the belly. Scald the outside skin in boiled water then put into the cold water. Use the syrup to smear over the whole goose. Dry in the air and preserve with all kinds of seasonings. Finally hang it up in an oven or fire and turn around. Chop the roasted goose into small pieces and taste it. The color of it is gold red and the flavor is excellent. Such stores in Guangzhou are multitudinous; among them the most renowned are Shuji Braised Goose Restaurant in Changdi and Shengjing Braised Goose in Changzhou Island of Huangpu District.

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