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Eight Bao Chinese Winter Watermelon

Last updated by poyuzhe at 2017/5/1

Eight Bao Chinese Winter Watermelon uses Chinese Winter Watermelon as the container stuffed with various ingredients such as pork, turkey's meat, ham, crabmeat, frog meat, fresh oyster, etc. It is a kind of soup eaten in summer. The method of making it is to choose a Chinese Winter Watermelon (24 centimeters height) and excavates its pulp. The edge of Chinese Winter Watermelon is cut into saw tooth. The rind of half a watermelon is caved with the pattern of flowers and birds. Then dip it into cold water after cooking in boiling water. And boil with chicken soup. Dig out the melon pulp with a spoon and eat it with soup. Don’t add Soya sauce. The dish is pleasing to the eye. The flavor is light fresh and delicious. It is a superior food in summer.

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