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Fo Tiao Qiang

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Fo Tiao Qiang is actually a traditional Fuzhou dish with a long history of over 100 years. In the year 1965, Fo Tiao Qiang created much of a stir in Guangzhou and has become more and more famous in Guangzhou since then. Fo Tiao Qiang has appeared in state banquets, which has entertained a number of state heads from other countries and was highly praised. 

Cooking Materials

The dish Fo Tiao Qiang consists of dozens of raw materials including 18 kinds of major ingredients and 12 kinds of auxiliary materials. The materials nearly contain all the excellent food, including chicken, duck, sheep legs, pig bags, tendons, hams, chicken or ducks’ gizzard, chicken breast, duck breast, shark’s lip, shark fin, sea cucumber, abalone, dried scallop, pigeon eggs, mushrooms, tender tips of bamboo shoots and solen. 

Cooking Process

The cooking process of Fo Tiao Qiang is extremely complicated. Firstly, all the raw materials will be cooked to be the unique-flavor dishes with various cooking methods. Then put all the dishes that have been processed into a big earthen jar in different layers and add a good amount of soup and Shaoxing wine. Thirdly, make wine, soup and the dishes mix together completely and seal up the earthen jar with lotus leaf. Finally, stew it with low and slow fire for about ten hours. The dish of Fo Tiao Qiang tastes tender, savory and delicious, which is not greasy at all. It also boasts high nutritional value. 

Origin of the Name

The dish Fo Tiao Qiang was originally named Fu Shou Quan actually. In the year 1899, an official of Fuzhou entertained the governor of Fujian Province in order to curry favor with him. The official specially asked his female family members to cook dishes personally. They put more than 10 kinds of raw materials including chicken, ducks, mutton, pigeon eggs and some other seafood into a Shaoxing wine jar and then cooked them elaborately. The dish tasted marvelous and was highly praised by the governor. From then on, the dish was named Fu Shou Quan. Afterwards, the dish Fu Shou Quan was improved by a famous chef who added more seafood and less meat into the jar. The dish tasted much more delicious and tasty after that. One day. Some men of literature and writing tasted the dish and intoned:“the fragrance of the dish spreads to near neighbors, which even attracts Buddha to jump off a wall and abandon deep meditation.” Since then, the dish has been named Fo Tiao Qiang (Buddha jump off a wall).

Recommended Restaurants to Eat Fo Tiao Qiang in Guangzhou

  • Nanyuan Restaurant (南园酒家)
    Address: No. 142, Qianjin Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou (广州海珠区前进路142号)
    Tel: 020-84448380
  • Tangyuan Restaurant (唐苑酒家)
    Address: No. 130, Zhongshan Avenue, Tianhe District, Guangzhou (天河区中山大道车陂段130号)
    Tel: 020-82528298
  • Tangyuan Restaurant-Liuhua branch (唐苑酒家流花店)
    Address: north gate of Liuhuhu Park, Liuhua Road, Yuexiu District (广州越秀区流花路流花湖公园北门)
    Tel: 020-36236993; 36236823
  • Shuntai Restaurant (顺泰风味馆)
    Address: No. 183, Haizhu District, Baogang Avenue, Guangzhou (海珠区宝岗大道中183号)
    Tel: 020-34142301

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