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Guangzhou Food

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Cantonese cuisine is well-known in China as Guangzhou is known as gourmet capital. As Guangzhou has a long history of food and drinks, as well as many gourmet festivals hold in Guangzhou, Guangzhou has earned the distinct name of "Eating in Guangzhou (食在广州)."

Guangzhou people pay much attention to the color, taste and presentation of cuisines. There are a few similarities between Western cuisines and Cantonese cuisines; making Cantonese cuisine diverse with time goes on. It is said that Guangdong people can eat absolutely anything that has four legs other than a table, no matter where is from. Therefore, people regard Cantonese food as one of the most adventurous food in China.

Top 5 Dishes

White Cut Chicken

This is one of the most popular Cantonese dishes. It is lightly flavored to allow one to taste the true chicken meat.

In Chinese New Year, a whole chicken will be served at the family dinner, including the head and feet. It is said that the white meet symbolizes purity and the whole one symbolize unity. The traditional way to eat chicken is to take a dip with a tiny amount of sauce which makes it taste delicious.

Dim Sum

Dim Sum (饮茶) is an important part of Guangzhou's culture. If you travel to Guangzhou, you can see many Guangdong people stay for a long time talking and reading newspapers with Dim Sum. This is exactly an image of Guangzhou people’s life.

Shao Wei

Cantonese barbecue is popular in China. Also, Cantonese cuisines are very popular in western countries and Cantonese barbecue is fancied by westerners, such as barbecued pork (叉烧), roast goose (烧鹅) and roast pig (烧肉)and roasted ducks(烧鸭).


Seafood (海鲜) is one of the favorite dishes for Guangdong people. As you know, seafood is very nutritious that contains increased amounts of protein. Visitors go to local restaurants can pick live fish or lobsters in front of your eyes to eating the sea creatures.


Cantonese desserts (甜品,糖水) play a vital part of Cantonese cuisine. Visitors are easily finding Cantonese desserts around the streets. Here are some popular dishes like double layered milk (双皮奶) and ginger milk curd (姜撞奶). Other popular choices include tofu pudding (豆腐花), red bean paste (紅豆沙), , guilinggao (龟苓膏), black sesame paste (芝麻糊) and sago (西米露).

Beijing Lu Pedestrian Street is the best destination for taste Guangzhou snacks. It is the most famous and historic walking street surrounded by many clothing shops and snacks shops. Visitors not only can taste the most authentic Guangzhou snacks but also taste diverse kinds of food from all around the world.

Top 3 Local Restaurants

Guangzhou Restaurant

Guangzhou Restaurant (广州酒家) was found in 1935,it is one of a well-known restaurant in Guangzhou that serves great Cantonese food. As it has been influenced by Xiguan (西关) die culture, the restaurant is dominated by traditional Cantonese food.

The first floor of the restaurant is China Town International Canteen which serves delicacy without boundaries. It collects delicacy of different parts of the world, providing customers with a diversified food and meeting the needs of different consumers at different levels. The second floor and the third floor serve delicacy of Xiguan style. There are more than 20 dining rooms in these two floors that enable over 1800 customers.

The restaurant is the first restaurant that promotes Chinese Feast in China. It leads the restaurant to win numbers of awards at home and abroad and praised by epicureans. The Wenchang Chicken and special baby pig are two specialties for recommendation.

Address:2 Wenchang South Road (文昌南路2号) (Metro 1 Changshou Lu)
Featuring: Cantonese Cuisines
Price: CNY88

Chicken Express

If you are looking for a delicious grilled free range chicken in Guangzhou, Chicken Express is the best in Guangzhou (and maybe the whole of China)

The Chicken Express is famous for a crispy chicken with delicious roast potatoes, amazing garlic sauce, pita wraps, hummus and all the Mediterranean goodies. The quality of the food here is good, slowly roasted; even the price can be a little bit high, comparing with some fast food chain restaurants. It will be a nice thing for visitors to eat chicken this way in Guangzhou and it comes with some good mid-eastern bread and asides like cesame paste or roasted potatoes.

Address: No.11 Jianshe 6 Road Yuexiu District Yexiu Distric
Getting there: BUS 247; 483; 546
Featuring: French, Mediterranean
Price: CNY 75


Wilber's was opened in 2008 and has been a leading innovator on the Western restaurant scene in Guangzhou ever since. The food was delicious and the fact that there are three options in each course, means there is something for everyone. The staff can speak good English so that provide you comfortable service and make you feel like at home. The diverse bar menu can be a plus point for the bar, in particular the cocktail which will you a scrumptious taste.

There are 3 floors with multiple rooms, each with its own defining character that similarly make you feel as if you've been transported away from the busyness of the big city. So come on down to Wilber's and enjoy the finest dining experience in Guangzhou.

There are some special activities for you to come.
2 for 1 Happy Hours from 17:00-19:00
House Mixed Drinks, House Wines, Corona, and Daily Cocktails

Saturday Night Parties every Saturday Night:
10 Yuan Cocktail of the Night starting at 10 PM (only for the first 100 buyers)

Bar Menu served every night until 11 PM (Midnight on Saturdays):
- Mouthwatering bites that are both belly and wallet friendly

Recommended dishes: dinner roll, cheese cake, cocktail
Address; No.62 Zhusigang Er Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, China
Getting there: Dongshankou (Line 1 & Line 6 Interchange) Exit C
Featuring: Italian
Opening time: 16:00-24:00
Price: CNY 100

Guangzhou Featured Food:

Shrimp Wonton Noodle Soup

Shrimp Wonton Noodle Soup

The method of making shrimp wonton noodle soup is that kneading dough with egg liquid and forming thin slice. Wrap minced pork meat and shrimp meat as the stuffing. Cook with whole eggs noodle and add soup to eat. This dish is well known for its smooth noodle, tender stuffing and tasty soup.

Stewed Snake And Wildcat With Chicken And Chrysanthemums

Stewed Snake And Wildcat With Chicken And Chrysanthemums

It is one of "three perfect dishes" in Cantonese cuisine. The materials are cobra, gold ring snake, old cat and chicken. Because the snake looks like a dragon; cat looks like a tiger; chicken looks like a phoenix; it gets the name. In fact, it is snake soup made of snake shreds, dried mushroom, red date and chicken and cat shreds, and assisted with some leaves of lemon and the petal of chrysanthemum. It won the Golden Tripod of Nation Department of Commerce. You can taste it at Snake King Restaurant.

Eight Bao Chinese Winter Watermelon

Eight Bao Chinese Winter Watermelon

Eight Bao Chinese Winter Watermelon uses Chinese Winter Watermelon as the container stuffed with various ingredients such as pork, turkey's meat, ham, crabmeat, frog meat, fresh oyster, etc. It is a kind of soup eaten in summer. The method of making it is to choose a Chinese Winter Watermelon (24 centimeters height) and excavates its pulp. The edge of Chinese Winter Watermelon is cut into saw tooth. The rind of half a watermelon is caved with the pattern of flowers and birds. Then dip it into cold water after cooking in boiling water. And boil with chicken soup. Dig out the melon pulp with a spoon and eat it with soup. Don’t add Soya sauce. The dish is pleasing to the eye. The flavor is light fresh and delicious. It is a superior food in summer.

Shaoxing Chicken In A Crock

Shaoxing Chicken In A Crock

Shaoxing chicken in a crock was made with shaoxing wine in the past. Chop the chicken into pieces and put them on the plate. The master worker uses a crock to contain it and then add Shaoxing wine to decoct. The sweet smell is everywhere. The chicken meat is fresh and tender, with special fragrance. It becomes a celebrated dish popular among customers.

Braised Goose

Braised Goose

Braised Goose is a kind of traditional roast meat in Guangzhou. It originated from roast duck. Choose small or middle goose and remove its wing, foot and internal organs. Blow it and smear five spices, sew the belly. Scald the outside skin in boiled water then put into the cold water. Use the syrup to smear over the whole goose. Dry in the air and preserve with all kinds of seasonings. Finally hang it up in an oven or fire and turn around. Chop the roasted goose into small pieces and taste it. The color of it is gold red and the flavor is excellent. Such stores in Guangzhou are multitudinous; among them the most renowned are Shuji Braised Goose Restaurant in Changdi and Shengjing Braised Goose in Changzhou Island of Huangpu District.

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