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Special Roasted whole suckling pig

Last updated by poyuzhe at 2017/6/22

It won the Golden Tripod in production competition of Nation Department of Commerce. Its name comes from this. It is valuable and rare dish of a banquet. The skill of cooking roasted whole suckling pig has a long history off more than 1400 years. There are two methods to roast whole suckling pig. The first one is smooth skin pig. Use slow fire and smear less oil. The second one is that the skin is melted. Use big fire and smear oil continuously. The oil explodes and forms bubbles to expand the pig’s skin. This kind of roasted whole suckling pig leaves no residues when putting into mouth. The color is gold yellow and bubbles spread over closely exactly as sesame. Roasted whole suckling pig of Datong Restaurant is noted. Do go and taste it.

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