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Steamed Rice With Fresh Shrimps In Lotus Leaves

Last updated by poyuzhe at 2017/5/23

Lotus leaf rice produced in Taiping Town of Dongwan was most eminent. This district is rich in lotus leaves and See Mew rice. Paddy rice is ripe and the lotus leaves and flowers are flourishing at the end of summer and beginning of autumn every year. Select superior white rice, adding lean meat, fresh shrimp, mushrooms and bamboo shoots as the stuffing. They are wrapped with lotus leaf and cooked thoroughly. It is regarded as meals for traveling to distant places or a present to give away when visiting relatives and friends. The flavor of this dish is not greasy but tasty and refreshing, with the delicate fragrance of lotus leaves. It has been the famous pastry of all teahouses and restaurants in Guangzhou for all time. Now the stuffing of lotus leaf rice is more and more dainty. Besides fresh shrimp, there are chicken, dried scallop, crabmeat, egg, and sesame oil and taste powder. New varieties appear unceasingly.

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