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Guangzhou Transport

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Public Buses

There is developed and busy buses transportation system in Guangzhou. The price is 2 yuan. Public bus perhaps is the cheapest way to get around the city. Be forewarned though, buses in Guangzhou is also very crowded because of the city's huge population.

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT Line)

Bus Rapid Transit or BRT system was built to make the public buses have a subway-like level of service and speed.  Guangzhou’s BRT system has the following advantages:

  1. The BRT line runs through 26 bus stations: Tianhe Sports Center, Shipaiqiao, Gangding, Shida Jida, Huajiang Xincheng, Shangshe, Xueyuan, Tangxiacun, Tangdong, Tianlang, Mingju, Chebei, Dongpuzhen, Huangcun, Zhucun, Lianxi, Maogang, Zhujiangcun, Xiasha, Wuchong, Huangpu Coach Terminal, Shuanggang, Shapu, Nanhai Temple, Miaotou, Nanwan and Xiayuan.
  2. By using the BRT system, passengers comfort level and bus service level has been greatly improved. The stations are maintained daily by bus company staff.
  3. BRT buses have a special line, which enables them to run smoothly without being involved in a traffic jam. Therefore, passengers’ time can be saved.
  4. All the bus lines begin with a “B” will pass through the BRT line.
  5. Buy bus tickets before entering a BRT station and the price is 2 yuan. Within the BRT bus line, you don’t need to pay again to transfer to another stop.


The subway system in Guangzhou is pretty sound. At present, there are ten subway lines in Guangzhou, including Guangzhou-Foshan line and Zhujiang New Town APM (Automated People Mover) line.

There are usually 3-5 exits for a subway station. Ticket selling machines in the subway stations accept bank notes of 5 yuan and 10 yuan (change can be made), and coins of 1 yuan. The subway fee ranges from 3 yuan 10 yuan, depending on the stops passed, and the ticket selling machine will show you the price you need to pay for reaching different stops.

Careful services are provides in the subway stations of Guangzhou. Besides the securities and subway company staff, volunteers will be there to help. The signs in the stations are written in both Chinese and English, and the signs are quite clear and easy to follow. Stops arrivals are informed in Chinese, Cantonese and English.

Zhujiang New Town Automated People Mover System (APM)

The APM system was built to improve the transportation in the core area of Zhujiang New Town. It serves the need of tourists between Zhujiang New Town and Tianhe Business Area. It was built underground for a total length of 3.94 kilometers. It runs through night stops: Linhexi, Tianhe Sports Center South, Tianhenan, Huangpu Dadao, Guangzhou Women and Children’s Center, Huacheng Dadao, Guangzhou Opera House, Haixinsha and Chigang Pagoda. Passenger can transfer directly to APM line (don’t need to leave the station) from Subway line No. 3 at the stations of Linhexi and Chigang Pagoda. The price for taking an APM line is 2 yuan. The time for a total journey from Linhexi to Chigang Pagoda is only 11 minutes, and 23 minutes is needed for a round journey.

The APM line is operated daily from 6:00 to 24:00, and operation time will be lengthened during holidays and periods of big events.

Special Tour lines

Among the various tour lines, No. 1 and No 2 are most useful. Fares are 2 yuan.

No.1 Tour Line starts at Tianhe Bus Station and ends at No.8 Zhongshan Road and passes Sports Center, Time Square, Baiyun Rope Way, Yongfu Road, Huang Hua Gang, Nonglinxialu, Memorial Mausoleum to the Martyrs in Guangzhou Uprising, Former Site of Guangzhou Peasants Movement Institute, Sun Yat-sen's Memorial Hall, Sanyuan Palace, Panfu Road, North Haizhu, Liurong Temple, Chen Ancestral Shrine.

No.2 Tour Line starts at No.8 Zhongshan Road and ends at Tianhe Bus Station and passes Chen Ancestral Shrine, Hualin Temple, Southern Mansion, Wende Road, Dashatou, Xinghai Concert Hall, Xiancun Road.

Besides, travelers can go to Hong Kong Disneyland directly by taking a bus at the Hong Kong Disneyland Special Tour Line Station which is  set at the Yitai Square, Jiefang Northern Road, Guangzhou.


At present, Guangzhou has about 16,000 taxies but demand is also huge particularly during peak hours from 8 am to 9 am and at lunch and dinner.

Taxies follow the principles of "marked prices". The starting fare is 7 yuan for the first 2.3 kilometers, and it is 2.2 or 2.6 every kilometer after that

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