China Domestic Travel Restrictions 2022

China's domestic travel restrictions are more friendly in the second half of 2022. With the national Covid-19 epidemic basically under control, sporadic cases occasionally emerge in parts of China. It is safer to travel in the mainland of China now.

Expats living or working in China have the necessary to travel around China now and then. So what documents do they need to travel around China? Generally speaking, expats should have a valid original passport, a 7-day dynamic trip record, and a GREEN healthy code.

However, what makes traveling within China complicated is different cities have their own policies or their policies are even changeable. Different destinations have different EXTRA requirements. Some cities or tourist attractions may require your negative PCR test result within 48 hours; some may require your proof of residence in China; some may require your certificate of working in China over 90 days. As expats in China, you may be confused with the policies of the different provinces and different cities. Therefore, please feel free to contact us and get updated policies for your destinations.

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Can I Travel around China Now?

As expats in China, you can travel within China as long as you meet the requirement of your destinations. DON NOT forget that different destinations have different policies. Before heading to your destinations, please confirm the local policies with us.

Typically speaking, most cities ask for the 4 documents. Please take a look below:


Important Notes:

Some cities/provinces will ask for additional documents, such as Tibet, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and etc.

All in all, the policies of each city change from time to time. If you would like to know the latest information or policy about destinations within China, please feel free to contact us by email, Wechat, or phone.

Do I Need to Apply for A New Health Code?

Before heading for your destinations, make sure your Health Code should be GREEN. Moreover, different cities have their own Health Codes. Please apply for the local Health Code on the local Health Kit before departure. And also find the Health Kit list of some main cities below.

Health Kit
Health Kit

There are 2 methods to apply for a Health OR Code: by Alipay or by Wechat.

4 Steps to get your Health OR Code:

How to Get a Dynamic Trip Record for Expats in China

Now over 89.68% of the total population has been fully vaccinated against Covid-19. Most expats and Chinese people are traveling as usual now. However, no matter whether you’re expats or Chinese, hotels will require you to provide your 7-day Dynamic Trip Record to prove that you didn’t go/travel to medium/high-risk areas within 7 days. (It’s used to require a 14-day Dynamic Trip Record and the duration is shortened from July 8, 2022)

4 steps to get your Dynamic Trip Record:

4 steps to get your Dynamic Trip Record
4 steps to get your Dynamic Trip Record

Tips for Expats Travel in China under Restriction in 2022

Expats live or work in China for a long time and you may be more familiar with China. However, you may be still confused when facing changeable restriction policies in different cities. In order to void unexpected/embarrassing situations, we’re here to list some useful and essential tips for you. Hope the tips will enable you a wonderful and smooth trip.

Make Sure Your Passports Are Valid

A passport is proof of one’s nationality. As expats in China, your passports are as important as Chinese people’s identity cards. Thus, you have to make sure your passports are valid before starting a trip and also keep your passport safe during the trip. In an unexpected situation, if you lose your passport during the trip, you should apply to your country’s embassy for a new passport.


Be Prepared for Changes During Your Trip

Due to the changeable travel restriction, your plan may not be able to keep up with changes. After you set down your tour plan, your living areas become medium or high-risk areas; after you set down your tour plan, your health codes become red. Then your destination doesn’t accept visitors coming from medium or high-risk areas. Or even after you set down your tour plan, your destinations become medium/high-risk areas! Then your living area doesn’t allow you to travel to the destinations! Or even during the trip, you may experience changeable policies.

All of the above is possible. So keep calm about changes during your trip.

Watch out for Crowds during Peak Seasons

As expats living, working, or studying in China, your holidays seem to be the same as Chinese people. China has a large population so it will be extremely crowded during the holiday, such as Labor Day, summer holiday, National Day, Chinese Spring Festival and etc.

Travel with Trustworthy Travel Agency

It‘s a good idea to find a reliable travel agency. With the assistance of an experienced travel agency, you don’t have to think about confusing restriction policies. Let your agency take care of your trip and analyze the policies for you. Or when you meet an unexpected situation, for example, the sporadic outbreak of Covid-19 along the way, the agency and private guide can assist you to avoid some problems or try to adjust the tour plan for you as soon as possible. China Travel is an agency that has been operating for over 12 years and we’re experienced in dealing with emergency situations. Travel with China Travel to enjoy worry-free service!

How to Choose A Winter Destination?

Under the latest travel restriction policies, where I can go? How to choose a destination for skiing or warm places to enjoy the sunshine in winter. We’re here to recommend 5 popular destinations for your Winter holiday.

1. Harbin – International Ice and Snow Festival

Travelers who want to visit Harbin in winter can enjoy a sculpture feast during the International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival. The festival is usually held in Zhaolin Park from January 5th to the end of February every winter, attracting a lot of ice sculpture lovers who come here from home and abroad to take part in the sculpture-making activities.

Recommended Harbin Tour:

yabuli ski resort
Yabuli ski resort

2. Hainan Island – Get Rid of Winter Chill

Hainan Island, located in the far south of China, is widely loved by travelers who want to escape freezing winter. Golden beaches, pretty sunshine, wonderful island landscapes, and warm weather make Hainan one of the most popular winter destinations in China.

3. Guilin - Embrace Nature

Guilin's cold and damp winter begins in December and till mid-February, but mostly sunny and clear days and you still can enjoy the lush green landscapes. Travel in winter can get close to charming karst landforms and clear rivers. Taking a Li River cruise, hiking unbelievable manmade terraced rice fields, or cycling along the countryside of Yangshuo, will satisfy your summer holiday.

Recommended Guilin Tour:

Travel restriction to Guilin:1. Visitors in risk-free areas, can enter Guilin with Green Health Code and 7-day Green Dynamic Trip Record. 2. Visitors in low-risk areas, should travel to Guilin with negative PCR test results within 48 hours and a 7-day Green Dynamic Trip Record. You should take PCR tests on the first and third days after entering Guilin.

5-Day Guilin and Yangshuo Off-Beaten Path Tour

  • Day 1 Guilin Arrival--Transfer to Your Hotel
  • Day 2 Elephant Trunk Hill--Discover the Folk Culture of South China in Daxu Ancient Town--Reed Flute Cave
  • Day 3 Xingping Ancient Town--Rafting between Xingping and Nine-Horses-Fresco--Xianggong Hill
  • Day 4 Hidden Caves Exploration--West Street of Yangshuo--YangshuoCountryside Visit
  • Day 5 Transfer from Yangshuo to Guilin, Guilin Departure

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5. Yunnan - Spring-like Weather

If you look for a destination close to big cities like Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and etc, Yunnan is also a nice choice. Naturally, Chinese people were reminded of the four-seasons-as-one-spring climate of Yunnan.

The tourism administration requires visitors to Yunnan to hold Green Health Code and a negative PCR test result within 48 hours. Moreover, visitors have to do a PCR test after arriving in and before leaving Yunnan. Visitors entering Kunming should report in advance on the Wechat applet "Kunming Health Kit(昆明健康宝)".

Recommended Yunnan Tour:

4-Day Yubeng Village Hiking & Meili Snow Mountain

  • Day 1 Shangri-La to Yubeng: Big Bend of the Jinsha River--Dongzhulin Monastery--a panoramic view of the Meili Snow Mountains--Feilai Lamasery
  • Day 2 Yubeng: Hike from Yubeng Village--Xiaonong Base Camp--Ice Lake--Return by the same way to Yubeng
  • Day 3 Yubeng: Hike from upper Yubeng Village to Lower Yubeng--Holy Waterfall
  • Day 4 Yubeng to Shangri-La: hike along the spectacular Ninong Canyon to Ninong Village--transfer to Shangri-la by car.

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