How to Fly to China - Best Way to Book International Flight tickets to China

Written by Vivi Updated Oct. 17, 2022

If you fully understand the latest epidemic prevention policy of the mainland of China, here is what you need to know about how to find the best way to enter the mainland of China.


Can You Fly to China Right Now?

So who can fly to China now? The official news is usually hard to read or understand. Let us make it simple for you. From Aug 24, 2022, the following foreign visitors can fly to China:

How to Choose Your Entry City?

When you search the flight tickets to the Chinese mainland, you typically will have 2 options: direct flights, and connecting flights. As for connecting flights, you will also choose transit in Hong Kong or a third country. What’s the difference between the above 3 options? First, we have to review the latest restriction policy.

Hong Kong Travel Restriction - UPDATE (SEPTEMBER 26, 2022): From Sep 26, Hong Kong cancels mandatory hotel quarantine for international arrivals. Hong Kong implements a “0+3” policy (0 days centralized hotel quarantine + 3 days self-monitoring at home).

Chinese Mainland Travel Restriction - UPDATE (AUGUST 26, 2022): For international arrivals, "7+3" (7 days' centralized quarantine at a designated site + 3 days' home quarantine ).

Hong Kong VS Cities in China's Mainland

When we deal with consult, we’re frequently asked how to choose an entry city: Hong Kong or cities in the mainland of China?

Many passengers say they can find better airfare if transit in Hong Kong, also there are more flights to and from Hong Kong. However, when you calculate the total cost, you should also take the prevention policy in Hong Kong into consideration.

Please roll down and we will help you to understand the policy, and to have a brief idea about the total cost.

flight plans

From the table, we listed above, you must have a brief idea of how to compare the price of the whole trip, and even how to choose transit cities. There is no perfect solution. You can choose the one based on your time, budget, and other aspects.

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FAQ about Transiting in Hong Kong

We've compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about transit in Hong Kong.

Oversea Visitors Enter the Mainland of China via Hong Kong

For international arrivals, mandatory hotel quarantine becomes history in Hong Kong now. If your final destination is the cities in the mainland of China, you should find a hotel for 3 nights after landing in Hong Kong and take a nucleic acid test according to the requirement. After your health code turns blue, you can fly to mainland.

Timeline of return to Mainland via Hong Kong:

How to Book Flight Tickets under the New Policy?

There are many new flights from Hong Kong to the mainland due to the cancellation of mandatory hotel quarantine. The flights and seats were cut due to the epidemic in Chengdu but now it’s also expected to be gradually restored.

However, we still strongly suggest that you book your return flight tickets to the mainland before you set off for Hong Kong!! Don't think I can wait, and make a contribution to the local economy by going there first! A few months ago, many friends said so, and now they have been stranded mentality collapsed! Especially those who are preparing to return home in December.

About Air Tickets to the Mainland of China:

There are options for flights from Hong Kong to the mainland of China recently, and the airfare keeps going down. Passengers may still find it not easy to find flights. That’s because the flights are not available every day and most flights are chartered. However, you can still look for assistance from ticket agents, which can offer flight ticket booking services of the flights to the mainland of China.

Please note that you need to hold the blue code to take the mandatory PCR test 5-8 hours before taking off for the mainland flight, and you can only get the blue code at 9 am on the third day.

Therefore, please choose the flight to the mainland after 2 pm on the third day after arrival.

Of course, there is a guideline that says, with the yellow code, they also successfully did nucleic acid testing and boarded the flights to the mainland of China, so avoid "3 nights". In this case, all we can say is, if you break the rules, it's your "luck." But it should not be used as a guide.

The following trip works:

After landing in Hong Kong at 7 am on October 1st,

Take the flight to Nanjing at 7:40 PM on October 4th/Hong Kong Airlines to Chengdu at 9:45 am on October 5th.

The following trip doesn’t work:

After landing in Hong Kong at 7 am on October 1st,

Fly to Shanghai at 3:35 PM on the same day/take flights departing at 10 am on October 4th.

Why are Flights to China's Mainland So Expensive Right Now?

If you have been searching for airfare to the mainland of China, you will find that the average airfare is 25%-30% more expensive than before the epidemic.

For example, before the epidemic, the single-way airfare from London to the mainland of China is USD800-1,500. but now, the average one-way ticket is around USD2,000. At the highest point, the airfare can be around USD6,400.

You may ask why travel is so expensive now when the price will go down. Here is some likely reasons:

The Increasing Demand for Travel

After 2 years of epidemic restriction, people can finally have a chance to travel to China for business, work, family visits and etc. The demand increased but the capacity of airlines decrease by around 15% since 2020.

The Rising Price of Jet Fuel

After 2 years of epidemic restriction, the demand for travel or business increased. The increasing demand puts a burden on oil supplies, which finally affects airfare.

Frequent Cancellation of Flights

The demand increases but the capacity of airlines haven’t caught up with the need of the market, which causes many flights to cancel. Therefore, the airfare is expensive.

How to Save Your Loss When You Meet Flight Cancellation?

First, you must understand the airlines’ policy for the flight you book, refundable, non-refundable?

Even if the flights are non-refundable, you can still get a full refund for flights canceled by airlines.

Many passengers will choose transit flights in order to get better airfare. Make sure to leave enough time between connecting flights. Don’t book a tight flight schedule. Especially some countries will require passengers to do a PCR test before boarding the flights.

Choose direct flights, big airlines, and big departing/landing airports are more reliable.

Which Countries Can Fly Directly to China?

Foreigners who hold the following countries’ passports can apply for a Chinese visa to enter China:

Singapore, Brunei, Japan, South Korea, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Germany, Britain, Russia, Switzerland, Vietnam, and etc.

Can US Citizens Travel to China Right Now?

Yes, of course, visitors who hold a business visa, work visa, student visa, high-level foreign talents visa, and family visit visa can enter China without a problem.

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