Xinjiang Travel Restrictions 2023 - 6 Practical Xinjiang Travel Tips

Xinjiang province played an importable role on the silk road in China’s history. Xinjiang province is known for its Uyghur culture, magnificent natural landscape, charming scenery, and delicious fruits. Xinjiang is open to visitors in many most areas. Contact us to get more detail and advice.

Many expats in China frequently ask: do I need a special visa or permit to Xinjiang in 2023? We have seen a lot of confusing news online, which will give you the wrong information. You have a clear understanding of the Xinjiang travel restrictions.

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Xinjiang is reopening to tourists and you can travel without any restrictions and quarantine. You are no longer required to prepare a negative acid test and the certificate of health code and travel code.

Is It Safe to Travel to Xinjiang?

According to our first-hand knowledge of local life, Xinjiang is more than safe to visit. Although there are some special regulations in Xinjiang, the local government offers local residents and visitors a peaceful land. The local residents are friendly. However, like all places, please respect the local religion. In Xinjiang, Uyghur people are Muslim and they are relatively conservative.

Xinjiang Kanas
Xinjiang Kanas

Do I Need a Special Xinjiang Visa?

The answer is NO. As expats, you don’t need a special visa to enter Xinjiang. You only need the following documents to enter Xinjiang. With the following 2 documents, you can get to Xinjiang freely without difficulty. You can enter via the international border(It is closed after Covid-19), train station, or airport.

Do I Need a Xinjiang Travel Permit?

Since Xinjiang has some special regulations, do I need a Xinjiang Travel Permit, like Tibet? The answer is NO. Although Xinjiang is a little special compared with other provinces in China, expats don’t need a permit to get there. You’re free to move around at your leisure.

Next, we have to emphasize something important you should know. Expats don’t need to apply for a permit to enter Xinjiang, but you have to ask your tour agencies to report to the local relevant department in advance. You should offer the following information to your tour agencies: names on passport, passport number, passport expiry date, birthday, visa number, visa expiry date, address in China, company in China and your phone number.

Visa & Passport
Visa & Passport

Military Control Zone is not Open to Expats

As mentioned above, expats don’t need to apply for a permit to enter Xinjiang. Expats are allowed to move around freely in Xinjiang. However, there are exceptions:

Hemu Village
Hemu Village

How to Get to Xinjiang?

For expats coming from inner China, of course, you can take a train or plane to get to Urumqi, the capital city of Xinjiang. There are also bullet trains from Gansu Province to Turpan of Xinjiang. Before the epidemic of Covid-19, you can also cross the border point in Kazakhstan. International trains from Almaty to Urumqi will pass by this boarder points in Kazakhstan. There is also bus/car from Pakistan to Xinjiang by Karakoram Highway.

Almaty Train Station
Almaty Train Station

When to Visit Xinjiang?

Xinjiang is mainly divided into 2 parts: the north and the south. The best to visit the north is from May to the end of September, while the best time to visit the south is from late March to early November. Actually, different seasons have different beauty and give you different feelings. If you only have free time during the low season, you will come to in the winter Xinjiang. Although it is cold during winter, the scenery will also be charming. You will have a chance to appreciate the snowy Xinjiang. Recommended tours:

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