Butterfly Spring Garden

Highlights in Butterfly Spring Garden

1. There are thousands of live butterflies from home and abroad living in the Butterfly Garden.

2. Located at a key place in Yangshuo, visitors can enjoy the wonderful landscape in a bird's view.

3. Rock climbing, rock downhill and brachistochrone games are popular activities in Butterfly Spring.

Detail Information

Butterfly Spring Garden is located on the classical Ten-mile Canvas which is the most beautiful scenery in Yangshuo. On the way to the Moon Hill (a famous scenic spot in Yangshuo), it has an area of 36,000 square meters. A huge vivid Monarch Butterfly model on the cliff near the gate catches visitors' eyes. It occupies an area of more than 280 square meters. This Park is consisted of Honeybee Garden, Butterfly Garden, the Butterfly Exhibition Hall, the Butterfly Bridge, the Butterfly Hill, the Butterfly Grotto, the Butterfly Ledge, ect.

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The name of the Butterfly Spring Garden comes from a lifelike butterfly stalactite. The park is the biggest live butterfly garden in China. Thousands of butterflies are in harmony with people in the Butterfly Garden. Visitors can enjoy a close view of a large number of butterflies flying among the bushes. Additionally, the Butterfly Exhibition Hall shows more than ten thousand butterfly specimens of about 300 butterfly species. Some valuable butterflies are also on display, such as the nymphalid and papilio. Papillion enjoy a reputation of the queen among the butterflies because of its beauty.

The spring water oozing out of rocks forms the Butterfly Spring. Besides, the spring is linked by the Butterfly Grotto which is about 400 hundred meters long. Different kinds of stalactites with lifelike shapes look fantastic in the lights. Visitors can also taste fresh wild honey in Honeybee Garden. There is a great folk dance consisted of Miao and Tong people in the park as well.

Butterfly Spring Garden is also an eco-tourism attraction. Go through the Butterfly Bridge and climb to the top of the Butterfly Hill, the picturesque landscape consisted of hills, the Yulong river and rural scenery comes to sights. Visitors can have a bird view of the wonderful landscape at the top of the Butterfly Hill.

The special Karst geographical condition makes rock climbing popular within in Yangshuo. Butterfly Spring is another good place to take part in the exciting rock climbing. And there is a professional rock-climbing line which is about 25 meters long in Butterfly Spring. The park once held a regional rock climbing competition for the rock-climbing elites.

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Solo Adventure Tips:


Off NO.321 National Road, about 3 kilometres far from the Yangshuo Town.

How to Get There?

1. The tour shuttle buses in Yangshuo Station are convenient to the Butterfly Spring.

2. With a short distance from the centre of Yangshuo, to rent a bike is another option to the Butterfly Spring.

Ticket Price:

45 CNY

Opening Hours:

More Tips:

Rock in the Butterfly Garden is suitable for professional rock climbing.

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