Cat Mountain

Located to the northeast of Xing'an Town, about 110 kilometers north of Guilin, the Cat Mountain is the highest mountain in the South China. It got the name Cat Mountain for its peak looks like a huge cat. The main peak of the mountain is about 2,141 meters high above sea level and is renowned as the "Summit of South China".

The Zi River, Xun River as well as the best known Li River have their sources high in this mountain. Climate differs dramatically at different altitude within the mountain. Depending on when you start your journey there, you will see azaleas blanketing mountain in spring, clouds, breathtaking red leaves and the memorable snow scene in winter.

Solo Adventure Tips:


Located to the northeast of Xing'an Town, about 110 kilometers north of Guilin.

How to Get There?

Every morning and afternoon there is a bus starting from Guilin Bus Station for the scenic area.  And you can also take the bus from Guilin to Xing'an or Ziyuan and get off at Baizhupu, and there are buses to take you to the scenic area.

Ticket Price:

35 yuan

Opening Hours:

All the day

More Tips:

1. The best tour season: April -October. The temperature up the hill is lower than that at the mountain foot.. Remember to take warm coat. 
2. Accommodation: there are some family hotels at the foot of the Cat Mountain, but the bathing room and toilet room will be shared.The Cloud & Fog Hotel at the top provides electric blankets but only offer public bathing room and toilet room.

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