Fengyu Cave

Located in Shanhe Village of Lipu County about 120 km from Guilin City is Fengyu cave. It has been acknowledged by a number of explorers as one of the best caves not only in china but also the rest of the world. It is 5.3 km in length and traverses through a total of nine mountains. The main cave is about 6 to 10m in width and 3 to 10m in height, with several chambers and as many as ten branches. The largest chamber is slightly over 25 000 square metre and a height of 35 meters. The cave acquired its name from the red Fengyu fish, which is the most popular fish species, found in the underground river.

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Breathtaking features of the Fengyu Cave

The cave has diverse karst landscape features the most notable being the stalactites and stalagmites that have grown here for centuries. A research on the growth of stalagmites conducted here indicates that the stalagmites here are young and exhibit quick growth. They only require about twenty thousand years in order reaching a length of 2m. Majority of the stalagmite have a small diameter for instance a stalagmite referred to as Dinghaishenzen, which translates to marvelous needle, is 10m high but has a diameter of less than 20cm.

The stalagmites and stalactites combined with artificial lighting of the cave results in a fascinating scene as one meanders through the cave. There is a little myth of the ancient dynasty stating that once upon a time there were two woodcutters who worked in the mountainside and one day accidentally entered the cave. They found babbling water, captured the red Fengyu fish and lived to be the richest men in the area.

How can you explore the cave?

There are several options available for exploring the cave. The site is well equipped with the latest facilities that provide comfortable way to explore the cave either by land, air, water or a combination of all three. Fengyu cave is divided according to the means of exploration to be used and is therefore composed of four main parts. There dry land section covers a length of 2.2 km and can be easily explored by foot. The features that stand out here are the limestone pillars, stone curtains stalactites and stalagmites. A boat ride will be necessary for the underground river section which runs a length of nearly 3km. The amazing scene of the underground river is sure to leave you with a lasting impression of the cave.

Another section worth your time is the large hall adjacent to the main entrance of the cave. This hall serves as an entertainment zone where the public is free to eat drink and dance. The tour would be incomplete without checking out the water playground that is located outside the cave and is an entertainment hotspot especially in the evenings. The open field in front of the small lake is the perfect place to watch the sunset. Furthermore on the open field there are elevated train rides that give you an opportunity to catch a glimpse of the country side green landscape.

Solo Adventure Tips:


80km away from the Dongli village of Sanhe Town, Lipu county.

How to Get There?

Take a bus from Guilin to Lipu and then change special buses for the scenic area.

Ticket Price:

60 yuan

Opening Hours:

8:30-17:30 (Tour time: 2hours)

More Tips:

1. The landscape inside the Fengyu Cave is peculiar and the scenery outside is beautiful.

2.Recommended visiting time is two hours and the best time to visit the cave is between May to October when the weather is warmer.

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