Fuli Ancient Town

A town where ancientness has been preserved carefully, a town that never misses to mesmerize, a town where different cultures mix and match and yet assert their own individuality. That’s Fuli, an ancient town that unfurls its beauty beside the Li River, just 8 km east of Yangshuo. Despite its primitive beauty, the town has two faces.

On one hand, there is the age-old township on the bank of the Li River that has remained untouched by modernity. This is the place where the simplicity of life can still be witnessed in the old houses and the uncomplicated lifestyle of the locals. On the other hand, just next to the main road that leads to the Guangdong province, stands the new and emerging identity of Fuli.

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Due to its terrain, Fuli never had to suffer any war or the ravages of any external attack during the ancient times. That is the primary reason why people from outside the town, such as Guangdong, Hunan, Jiangxi, Shandong, Anhui and Fujian have shifted to Fuli. This again has contributed to the cosmopolitan nature of the town population. Nuo, an ancient tribal culture and Mazu, a culture prevalent in the coastal cities can also be found in Fuli. Every year in early June, on the eight day of the fifth lunar month, the people of the town celebrate the Huiqi Temple Fair to pray for harvest and good luck.

Highlights and Reputation of Fuli

An air of the distant and the primitive that surrounds the town of Fuli is further enhanced by the popularity of folk tales and ancient beliefs. On the bank of the Li River, for instance, there stand three huge rocks known as the Rocks of Three Girls. The site is so named because it is believed that three village girls attained immortality on that very spot.

If there is anything that can compete with the famous landscape of Yangshuo, it is the fame of the painting fans made in Fuli. These popular Chinese fans are crafted by the local craftsmen with bamboo and tissue paper. The pictures on such fans mainly depict the landscape and the local culture of Guilin.

One of the primary attractions of Fuli is its market. Simply taking a stroll down the quaint shops is a treat in itself. The sights, the sounds and the smell of this place conjure up an existence that may well be described as a page from a book of history.

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8 km away east of Yangshuo town.

How to Get There?

A bus from Yangshuo bus station would take you to the town in just 40 minutes. Local minivans that operate as buses are available every few minutes from the Yangshuo station. However, a bicycle ride is perhaps the best way to visit the town. Along the Li River lies a road that is seldom used by the people. However, this is also the road that stretches through very picturesque locales and small villages before it leads to the Li River. A small wooden boat would help you cross the river and drop you right next to the Three Sister Café. There are plenty of boats that sail to and fro every few minutes. Leave your bikes at this café for free and set off to savor the beauty of the town.

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