Guilin Flying Tigers Relics Park

The Guilin Flying Tigers Relics Park, undergoing several years construction and renovation, is recently inaugurated in Guilin, Guangxi zhuang autonomous region of China and open to the public for free.

The AVG, short for American Volunteer Group, also called Flying Tigers, is an world-renowned American air force that was formed by the pre-American lieutenant-general Claire Lee Chennault and was funded by KMT government. notably, all parts of this park interpret the heart-rending combat against the Japanese aggression during the world war , which will in turn show the friendship of China and America.

Guilin Lijiang River

Historical spots of the park

The theme of this park is to unfold before eyes the struggling scenes happened on the members of the Flying Tigers and to remind us of the inseparable relationship between the army and the people, all of which can be found on the following spots, the memorial museum, the command post of the Flying Tigers, the rock on which Chennault stood toward air combat, the sculpted reliefs and so on.

Stepping into the entrance door, tourists will see the magnificent memorial museum, which displays historical relics staffs inside. Thanks to the relatives of the Flying Tigers’ members and some collectors, many precious articles have been successively sent here, including uniforms, medals, maps, newspapers and a plane. The shape of this museum is modeled from one of the fighter planes steered by the pilots.

While the upper part of the museum is changed into two shaking hands, implying the abiding friendship of the two countries and their people. Once being stay in the museum, one can truly feel the arduous life of the wartime, and cannot refrain from showing solemn attributes to these heroes.

Halfway up the Jigong hill, located the command post. It is in fact a cave. On a huge stone of its entrance, carving 8 Chinese characters, written by the famous calligrapher Wu Chundao, mean “the site of the command post of the Flying Tigers” in English. Inside of the cave, tourists can read materials of the history when the Flying Tigers lived in Guilin. In a whole, this cave remains almost the original state.

A rough stone, on which written several Chinese characters by Mrs. Chen Xiangmei (lieutenant-general Chennault’s wife), is set to commemorate Chennault. It is said that he often sat on this stone, with a cigarette on his mouth, watching his companions steering the fighter planes, flying back and forth. Time flies! But this story will be remembered forever.

In addition, many other spots, locating in different corners, also give visitors accounts of the stories about the Flying Tigers.

Significance to start this project

During the world war II, the Flying Tigers has stationed in Guilin for a long time, and made great contributions to the victory of the anti-Japanese war. In order to commemorate this history, the local government, supported by the central government, constructed this relic park.

This year marks the 70 anniversary of the Chinese people’s war of resistance against Japan and the anti-fascist war of the world people. As a symbol of that history, Guilin Flying Tigers Relics Park witnesses and will remember the deep friendship of the American and Chinese people.

Looking back the history and looking into the future, we will cherish the peaceful lives our ancestors struggled for us, spreading from generation to generation, and further deepen cooperation and interaction with other countries.
So unquestionable, the construction of this park has lasting significance.

Nearby attractions

There is a famous idiom in China, saying: Guilin scenery tops elsewhere in the world. So, apart from Guilin Flying Tigers Relics Park, many noted places in Guilin are also deserved to visit,like Lijiang River and Yangshuo. The convenient transports will provide access to these places.

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