Ling Canal

Located in the Xing’an County, some 41 miles to the northeastern direction of Guilin, Ling Canal is one of the world’s most ancient integrated canals. However, that is hardly the reason why the place has turned into a tourist’s spot. They are the panoramic vista, historical monuments and cultural richness that make the place a must-have in every itinerary that leads to China.

History says that the canal was built under the patronage of the great emperor Qin Shi Huang who also built the Great Wall of China, known to the world as one of its wonders. The canal was constructed with the object of connecting the Li and Xiang River in order to facilitate the trade and commerce of Huang’s empire.

However, the 21 mile long canal now stands divided in the northern and southern parts, a reminiscent of the Tang Dynasty, and a developing place of tourist attraction of Guilin. The reason why the place has not succeeded in pulling visitors like the other landmark place of Guilin is its isolation.

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Why Include Ling Canal in the Tour List?

The canal is exemplary to the advanced architectural and engineering ideas and skills that the ancient Chinese society possessed, some 2000 years back. The area is the route of the tributaries of the two largest rivers of China, namely, Yangtze and Pearl. People with keen interest in the Chinese civilization will get to uncover a lot from the canal. The difference in the levels of water streaming from, two different river systems is remarkable, a testimony to the intricacy of the Ling Canal project.

However, for others, it is indeed panoramic to view the rivers that flow into one another and then diverge, at a distance of 20 meters. Take a boat ride down the south canal, and the experience you undergo will be worth more than the money spent.

Apart from scenery, the architectural splendor in Ling Canal is also aplenty. Apart form the man-made miracle that the canal is unofficially called, there are quite a few cultural relics around the area. You can check out the bridge, pavilion and other relics that bear the legacy of ancestral pedigree.

For Interested Visitors

Ling Canal is best visited during the month of April to September when the temperature remains moderate and rainfall is not high. The place can be visited for about two hours including the boat ride and sightseeing. Like elsewhere, Ling Canal also has an entrance fee. For adults, the charge is CNY 60, and half for children who are between the heights of 1 to 1.4 meters. Kids below1.0m are allowed a free entry when accompanies by parents or adults. This sleep corner of Guiling is catered by long-distance buses that travel till this far end. However, there is no direct communication till the Canal. You have to drop at Xing’an County and then, hire a tricycle to reach Ling Canal.

Alternately, you can also sail from Guangzhou to Ling Canal through the Gui and Xi Rivers. On the same way you can cover the Grand Canal area through the Xiang and Yangtze Rivers without having to drop or change.

Usually, tour to Ling Canal is organized from Guilin city as travelers usually do not stay around the canal. English speaking guides pick up tourists from the hotels of Guilin to show them around.

Ling Canal is one of the most intact surviving primordial architecture that has its origin in the 214 BC. So, if you are in the city and want to get a full picture of China, both its past and present, make sure that you have arrange for a tour to Ling Canal.

Solo Adventure Tips:


In Xing'an Town, 70 km north to Guilin.

How to Get There?

Take the express bus from Guilin to Xing'an at the Guilin Bus Station. There are vehicles from the Xing'an Bus Station to the park.

Ticket Price:

20 yuan

Opening Hours:

All the day

More Tips:

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