Silver Cave

Silver Cave: A miracle in nature.

About 85 km away from the very heart of Guilin City, in the Maling Town of Lipu County, is situated one of the most awe-inspiring creations of nature. The beautiful stalactites, the tall stalagmites and the meandering underground river stand testimony not only to the elemental forces that are constantly in work but also to the aesthetics that appeal straight to the heart.

silver cave

This is the Silver Cave (or Yinzi Cave), one of the finest examples of limestone cave that exists in the world today. Just like many other beautiful locations, these caves too hide a wonderful story.

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Legend has it that during the reign of the Qing Dynasty Kangxi period, a defeated rebel army took shelter in the Silver Cave. They left the place in search of a safer sanctuary but the treasures remain inside, protected by Time. Maybe it is this story that led to the popular belief that people who have visited this cave would become rich. The authenticity of this myth is questionable to the practical mind. However, what we can say for sure is the fact that the richness of the Silver Cave lies somewhere else. Away from the myths, beliefs and fables, it lies in the very intricate formations right inside the Cave. And inside the hearts touched by this eternal beauty of nature.

The Silver Cave has been opened to the public only in 1999. Presently, tourists can take a tour of only 2 km. However, the beauty that is hidden within this comparatively small expanse can be cherished for a lifetime. The crystal-like deposits that form various shapes and structures inside the cave and give it the silvery whiteness have accumulated over many geological periods. Molded by the times and caressed by the ages, these have taken the shape of stone curtains, baldacchino canopies, bell canopies, stalactites and stalagmites.

The Music Stone Screen, the Deep Imperial Palace and the Flying Waterfall in Snow Mountain form the three-top deposit. To the fertile minds these construct a mystic fairyland where there is nothing but beauty and majesty all around. Strategic lighting accentuates the wonders and makes this naturally existing miracle even more appealing.

Geologists from around the globe have hailed the caves as an artistic treasure house of karsts not only in China but in the whole world. Cave fanatic or not, Silver Cave will surely mesmerize every heart that is moved by beauty. So it you are in this part of the planet be sure to include the Silver Cave on your list of must-dos. Surrender yourself to this pristine beauty and get a firsthand experience of this ‘thing of beauty’ that would bring you ‘joy forever’.

What to enjoy

The picturesque location of the Silver Cave has brought it the title of being the representative of the landscape of Guilin. The Cave itself may be compared to a giant bonsai and is surrounded by green hills, farmlands and thousands of peach trees. Apart from these, the Cave is also the spot for numerous annual carnivals like flower festivals, taro festival, bicycle race and rock climbing race. More than a standalone location that has geological value, the Silver Cave is also precious because of the insight that it offers into the culture and lifestyle of the place. You would also love the local specialties that hawkers sell right outside the Cave.

Solo Adventure Tips:


On the east side of Guilin-Lipu Highway, 85km away from of Guilin and 20km from Yangshuo town.

How to Get There?

You can take a bus from Guilin or Yangshuo County and get off at the Silver Cave stop. You may even drive to the location through a scenic road. The drive from Yangshuo to the Cave takes about half an hour. Various tour agencies that operate in the region is yet another option especially for the first timers. Although the prices vary slightly they mostly include transportation and entrance fee.

Ticket Price:

50yuan per person (half price for children between 1.00m-1.40m, free for children shorter than 1.00m)

Opening Hours:

8:30-17:30. Tour time: around 2 hours

More Tips:

Tour duration inside the cave: 1 hr to 1.30 hr.

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