Yuzi Paradise

Yuzi Paradise is a large park boasting modern sculpture art. Yuzi Paradise is located in Dabu Village of Yanshan District, which is 30 kilometers south of Guilin city area. It was established in 1998 by Cao Rizhang, a Taiwanese entrepreneur, with an investment of about 300 million CNY. Covering an area of 148 acres, it is an ideal creation base and tourist resort for spending holidays, with beautiful natural scenery and artistic atmosphere. You will feel as if entering a paradise of art once you step into it. Inside the park, there are numerous works of art created by world famous sculptors over the years. The sculptures are harmoniously placed and mingled with the surrounding lakes and mountains.

Sculpture Area

Yuzi Paradise has attracted more than 140 artists from 47 countries and regions around the world to create their works of art there. More than 270 pieces of modern sculpture were kept and displayed in the park. The creation of these sculptures of various shapes and styles is the fusion of Chinese aesthetic tradition and western artistic essence, forming a delightful scene with natural landscape and contributing to making the park a valuable cultural and artistic asset.

Teresa's Music Garden

Teresa Teng (1953-1995) is a Chinese singer who is influential all over the world and one of the most famous female singers in the later half of the 20th century. Teresa Teng’s Foundation decided to move the original Teresa’s Music Garden to the picturesque Yuzi Paradise, and kept the relics of Teresa Teng in the music garden. Teresa’s Music Garden is now the only place in the world for keeping the complete record of Teresa Teng’s life.

The main architecture of Teresa’s Music Garden is triangle-shaped. At its frontage, there is a bronze statue of Teresa Teng and a flower bed where her music fans can offer flowers and commemoration. Purple flowers and grass, Teresa Teng’s favorites, are grown in the triangle field. There are huge piano keys carved out of black and white marbles. Teresa’s songs will be played when people stand on any one of the piano keys. In the exhibition hall, there are pictures of all her ages, and her relics of clothes, cosmetics, accessories, car and so on.

Artistic Creation

Seven workshops were established there, including rock carving, metalwork, porcelain, bronze, framed painting, colored glaze and wood carving. This is the platform for artists to realize their dream, and also the best stage to display art lovers’ creational talent and potential. The park has designed some artistic experiences for ordinary tourists to participate in, under the professional artistic tutors, such as stone painting, porcelain, colored drawing, kite making and lantern making.

Solo Adventure Tips:


on the way from Guilin to Yangshuo, 20 kilometers away from Guilin.

How to Get There?
A special bus to the Yuzi Paradise starts every 20 minutes at a fee of 5yuan each.

Ticket Price:

80 yuan

Opening Hours:


More Tips:

There are a five-star hotel inside the park.

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