Butter Tea

People of Miao, Yao, and Dong Nationalities living in North Guilin Province have the custom of making butter tea. Usually they put some peanut oil or tea oil into an iron pan, stir fry the tea, add some water and pound it with a pestle while cooking. At the same time, certain seasonings, such as ginger, salt, and sugar, are scattered into the pan. Soon you will smell the fantastic aroma of butter tea. Yao people like to steam the sticky rice and then let it dry through airing in shade. The dried rice is called yinmi and "yin" here means "shade". The Yinmi is then put into the boiled tea oil or peanut oil, where it soon becomes popcorn-like through frying. Peanuts, soy beans, and sticky rice cookies should also be fried. After that Yao people stir fry some crude rice with tea for a little while, add some water and ginger slices into the pan and pound the mixture with a special wooden utensil until the aroma of tea fully emanates. When the mixture is boiled, a bamboo strainer is used to filter the tea so as to get rid of the dregs. Then the mixture is put into a porcelain bowl together with the fried "popcorn" of rice, peanuts, soy beans and sticky rice cookies, etc. Tourists can add some garlic slices, caraway, salt, or cayenne according to taste. Soon a bowl of butter tea is ready, featuring a unique color, fragrance and aroma. The reason why local people call it dayoucha, or beaten butter tea, is that the butter tea can be beaten three or five times. The butter tea beaten two or three times has the best taste. Therefore local people usually say "the first beaten butter tea is a little bitter, the second, a little acerbic, and the third or forth, wonderful".

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