Guilin Rice Noodle

Aside from rice, the other Chinese staple food is noodles. Eaten stir fried or in a bowl of soup, for the most part, noodles are a cornerstone in the diets of the rich and poor, the urban and rural. Guilin Rice Noodles is a regional dish well known for its unique flavor at home and abroad. To make it on your own, take the following recipe: 

The noodles:

First pound high quality rice into a powder, then mix the rice powder with water and let it become mushy. Store the mixture in a bag and put the mixture through a sieve so that the paste is smooth, and then form the mixture into dough. Cut the dough into slender pieces or thin slices. The former is called rice noodle and the latter known as sliced rice dough, although both may be referred to as rice noodle. These noodles are snow white, delicate, soft, smooth, and tasty.

The soup:

There are many methods for making Guilin Rice Noodles, many of which largely depend on the spicy soup that the noodles bask in. Different restaurants have different flavors, but most of them include a base of pig and cow bones, luohan fruit, and many other seasonings. Depending on the ingredients and cooking style, there is an endless variation to the spicy soup flavors.

The most popular kinds are lettuce rice noodles, sirloin rice noodles, seafood rice noodles, nutritious rice noodles, spicy vegetable rice noodles, horse meat rice noodles, and more. Nutritious bone soup broth is usually made in the early morning because it takes many hours for the flavors of the bones to simmer out of their casings. If enjoying Guilin Rice Noodles in a restaurant, the cook will prepare fresh and delicious spicy meat together with peanuts and shallots for both taste and beauty.


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