Sanjin Watermelon Extract

Sanjin Watermelon Extract has good curative efficacy of getting rid of overheat and analgesic syndrome. It is considered as a useful Chinese medicine good for throat and oral cavity. In Qing dynasty, a famous doctor named GU Shicheng recorded Sanjin Watermelon Extract in "The Medicine Book on Ulcer" over 200 years ago. Sanjin Watermelon Extract range of products takes the traditional watermelon extract as the main ingredient and mixed with other Chinese medicines. According to different symptoms and taste, they satisfy the diversified needs of sufferers with oral cavity or larynx diseases. There are 18 kinds of aminophenol and microelements contained in Sanjin Watermelon Extract and they are required elements by our body. The special curative effect of the medicine has been widely accepted by many consumers for many years. Recently it is reputed as the top brand medicine on fauces, and the professional status of miraculous medicine on throat and oral cavity with obvious curative and preventative effect. Therefore, Sanjin Watermelon Extract is honored as the "Expert on Oral Cavity and Throat". 

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