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Guizhou Weather

Guizhou is in the subtropical zone and enjoys a moist monsoon climate. The annual temperature averages 15°C.  Temperature in January (the coldest month) averaging 3°C~6°C and in July (the hottest month) 22°C~25°C. Most of the region do not have severe winter mostly because these big mountains and lush vegetation ward off the summer heat while winter in the region is rigid and the extra humidess makes the cold unbearable.

Much rainfall, obvious rainy season, many overcast days and little sunshine are the main features of Guizhou's climate. The annual rainfall, come mostly in summer, averages 1100~1300 millimeters. The annual duration of sunshine is about 1300 hours. The frost-free period lasts about 270 days per annum. There are over 150 overcast days in a year, with average relative humidity of over 70%.

Influenced by the regions' topography, Guizhou's climate assumes great diversity, which is well described by the two sayings "Four seasons in one day"  and "different weather five kilometers apart".

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