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Hainan Weather

Last updated by jasmine at 2017/4/25

Hainan belongs to typical plateau continental climate. The temperature does not change much all year round, but has sharp temperature difference  between day and night. It has dry and windy spring, short and hot summer, humid and rainy autumn and dry and warm winter. Due to its complicated topography, different kinds of local climate and microclimate exist. Its annual average temperature is between 22.5 ℃ and 25.6℃. Annual sunshine hours are 1780-2600 hours. Average annual rainfall ranges from 1500-2500 mm. Its hottest months are July and August with average temperature between 25℃ to 29℃ and its coldest months are January and February with average temperature between 16℃ to 24℃. The best time visiting Hainan is from December to March. During that time, the weather in Hainan is mild and agreeable like late spring and early summer while other places are in cold and harsh winter.


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