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“Impressions of West Lake” is a fantastic performance about a love story. It is based on the background of the natural scenery of West Lake. The landscape performance is created by Zhang Yimou, Wang Chaoge and Fan Yue, the “Iron Triangle” director team in China. The shocking background music is made by Kitaro, the famous Japan musician, and the lead singer is Zhang Liangyin, a young pop singer in China.

A Magnificent Show

It is definitely a magnificent show with a tremendous music, culture and history set on the stunning backdrop of West Lake. The show is performed on a stage just a little lower than the surface of the lake. It gives a impression to the audience that the dancers are walking on the water.

The lighting effects are attractive. With the colorful light bright during the show, dancing on the surface of the lake appears particularly prominent. Visitors should know about the story before watching the show. Or the things can be enjoyed are the lighting effects, shocking music and the dance, not the whole picture of the show.

Love Story

The show is divided into five parts. The first part is the meeting of the protagonists. The following part shows how they fall in love with each other. Love is sweet but always imperfect. The girl becomes a white crane and is dying. The loves have to separate with each other.

The hero goes back to the place where he meets the heroine in act IV. All the beautiful memories, regrets and helpless comes out of the hero’s mind. The last part is the impression of West Lake. It is not only the graceful background where the protagonists encounter with each other, but a fantasy exists in everyone’s heart.


By using the high-tech method of performance, audiences will find the most beautiful moment of West Lake. The fluttered willow in springtime, the good smell of the lotus in summer, the bright moon at night on mid-autumn time and the snowy West Lake in winter. There are many legend of West Lake. After enjoying the performance, visitors are attracted to more myths and legends

Special Local Product

West Lake Longjing Tea is the symbolized product in Hangzhou. Taste the savory and mellow tea to feel the charm scenery of West Lake. There are some delicious dishes. West Lake Fish in Vinegar Gravy, West Lake Mallard, West Lake Beef Soup and West Lake Crisp Fish are local specialties.

Solo Adventure Tips:


West Lake, Hangzhou city, Zhejiang province

How to Get There?

From the airport: 1. Take a taxi with about 80 Yuan to get there. 2. Take an airport bus to Hangzhou city, with the ticket of 20 Yuan per person. Take a taxi with about 15Yuan to the performance stage after getting to the inner city.
From the Hangzhou train station: Take a bus K7、K27 to the Yue Temple stop.
From the east train station: Take a bus No. 28 to the affiliated high school of Zhejiang university and transfer to a bus No. 118 to Yue Temple.

Ticket Price:

The prices vary from different section of auditorium:
Standard seats: 360 Yuan; 220 Yuan for children tickets
VIP seats: 400 Yuan; 250 Yuan for children tickets
Luxury seats: 680 Yuan
Seats on the first floor of barge1: 450 Yuan
Seats on the upper floor of barge1: 680 Yuan
Seats on the upper floor of barge2: 680 Yuan

Notes: Children who are lower than 1.2m are free of charge, but they must be accompanied by adults. Children tickets are available for children between 1.2m and 1.5m tall (excluding 1.5m).

Opening Hours:

The first stage: 19:45 to 20:35
The second stage: 21:15 to 22:05
Caution: The second performance only takes place on some public holidays. Please enter 1 hour in advance and it is not allowed to check the ticket after the show begins after 10 minutes.

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