Tianzhu Three Temples

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There are three old temples in Tianzhu Hill, namely Tianzhu Three Temples, which is also called as Tianzhu San Si (天竺三寺).These three temples are respectively named Faxi Temple(法喜寺), Fajing Temple(法净寺) and Fajing Temple(法镜寺) by Emperor Qianlong in Qing Dynasty. All three temples are more than 1000 years of history that has similar history. They are close to each other that seems like diamonds placed in the crown of Tianzhu.

Faxi Temple (法镜寺)is the largest of the three temples. It is a majestic building with a solemn layout. There are many palace hall inside such as White Cloud Hall, Night Lecture Hall and Liang Feng Hall. Meanwhile, the temple are surrounded by White Clound Peak, White Cloud fountain, Rudou Peak and Rudou Foutain. By the way, the White Cloud Tea was served as tribute in Song Dynasty.

Fajing Temple(法净寺) has experience the ups and down over five different dynasties. It had been destroyed in Qing Dynasty that people was hard to locate its site. Owing to the support from an overseas Chinese, the temple can reappear its brilliance. Visitors can see cultural relics in Ming dynasty.

Faxi Temple (法喜寺)is the largest and most influential temple among the three. It is accessible by a small hill alley, Faxi is a perfect off-the-beaten-track place for people who are willing to experience a little Buddhist tranquility without the crowds.

Faxi Temple has Heavenly King Hall, Yuantong Hall, The Grand Hall of the Great Sage. The highlight is the statue of five-hundred arhats, which is mixed with various styles of arhats statue in different temples nationwide. In temple, there are the old yulan plant and bamboo with more than five hundred years.

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Take bus K837 and Y4.

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Faxi Temple(法喜寺) : CNY10 Fajing Temple(法镜寺): CNY10 Fajing Temple(法净寺) for free

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