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Hangzhou Transport

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Hangzhou, known for the beautiful scenes of West Lake nearby and Shanghai not too far away, has 3 train stations. The Hangzhou Railway Station (also locally referred to as the Chengzhan Railway Station) is the most frequently used and is a terminal of the Shanghai-Hangzhou Railway. Hangzhou East Railway Station mostly runs bullet trains and currently operates all routes that would otherwise go to the South Railway Station. The South Railway Station is closed due to construction until the end of 2016; before, it would attend to trains passing through Hangzhou.

Hangzhou Railway Station 

Hangzhou Railway Station is the main train station in the city.

Trains it offers

Since Hangzhou is less than 2 hours from Shanghai, there are many trains that link the cities. There are also routes to Guangzhou, Beijing, Chengdu, and other destinations. However, it is often useful to connect in Shanghai.

There are also high-speed trains that operate at Hangzhou Railway Station, with about 100 trains per day. They take about 50 minutes direct to Shanghai, while those with stops add another 5-10 minutes to the journey. These fast trains that start with the letter “G” are fastest and run up to 350 kilometers per hour, and about 14 operate per day to Shanghai Hongqiao station.

Slower and slightly cheaper trains that start with the letter “D” take about 1.5 hours between Hangzhou and Shanghai. Those that start with letters “Z, K, T and L” are slowest and can take up to 2 hours.

Purchasing Tickets

The ticket offices at the Hangzhou Railway Station are found at the passenger exit. Always bring your passport when purchasing train tickets. There are some ticket windows open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Tickets may be purchased up to 18 days in advance of your travel date.

You may also purchase train tickets from one of the 61 offices found commonly in Hangzhou, and even more in other Chinese cities and counties. They are able to arrange your details for you, though with a 5 Yuan surcharge per ticket.


When entering the station on the ground floor, you will be in the central arrivals hall and station plaza. On the second level is the platform floor for departures, and on the top level, 5 waiting rooms. There is also a bottom floor which is a parking garage and for other stationed ground transport.

It can be helpful to buy a map from outside the train station or at the nearby bus station and street vendors upon arrival in Hangzhou.Book China Train Tickets


By Air

Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport nearby serves domestic and international destinations. Since Shanghai is so close, its domestic Hongqiao and international Pudong airports are also great options for reaching Hangzhou.

The Hangzhou airport is conveniently linked with both of the city’s currently operating train stations. To reach the Hangzhou Railway Station, there is an airport bus that runs every 15-30 minutes, 5:30am to midnight, and goes direct. The journey is 24 kilometers, takes about 50 minutes, and costs 20 Yuan.

By Subway

The city is connected to the Hangzhou Railway Station by Metro line 1.

To travel between Hangzhou Railway Station and Hangzhou East Railway Station, Metro is certainly the fastest method of transport. Again, take Metro line 1 towards Wenze Road for 8 stops, with the trip taking just about 20 minutes.

By Taxi

From the city center, it is about 28 kilometers to the rail station. By taxi, this costs about 100 Yuan, not including any tolls.

At the station, the taxi area is just outside the Exit Ticket Gate. Just follow the signs and you will arrive at the waiting lines.

To go to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, it is about 30-40 minutes and costs about 100 Yuan.

As well, going to West Lake is just 15 minutes and costs about 15-20 Yuan, making the famous scenic site a great place to visit even if you only have a short layover in Hangzhou. Although there is 1 bus route that links the station with West Lake, it can be more convenient to arrange a taxi.

To go from Hangzhou Railway Station to East Railway Station, a taxi costs about 30 Yuan and takes 20 minutes.

By Bus

There are many buses that can take you to the station: B2, Y2, B3, K7, 11, K11, 21, 39, 49, 88, 90, 95, 100, 116, 140, 151, 156, 188, 210, 222, 225 (Inner Ring), 226 (Outer Ring), 270, 276, 290, 300, 508, 525, 528, 537 (through), 555, 862, 900, and the Airport Shuttle Bus.

We recommend the buses that start with letter “K” which are air conditioned and charge 2 Yuan per ride. Single digit buses and electric tram buses that begin with “1” costs just 1 Yuan.

There are also some special holiday touring buses that serve visitors to Hangzhou. Tourist Line 2 runs 8am to 6pm daily from the train station and can take you to the city to stops such as Hubin Station, Submarine World Station, Silk Museum Station, Jingci Temple Station, Suti Station, Hangzhou Park Station, Yuefei Temple Station, Lingyin Station, Jiulisong Station, Hongchun Bridge Station, and Jade Spring Station.

Tourist Line 5 is available 8am to 4:30pm to Future World Station, passing by Kuixiang Station, Guanxiangkou Station, Hubin Station, Liulangwenying Station, Jingci Temple Station, Suti Station, the Zoo Station, Hupao Station, Liuhe Tower Station, Jiuxi Station, and Songcheng Station.

Bus 90 to Jianguo North Railway Station and then bus 105 will take you to the East Railway Station.

To go to West Lake found west of the Hangzhou Railway Station, you can take bus K7 for just 2 Yuan, operating from 5am to 9:30pm. The scenic area is 4 stops away (you will see the lake from the road), and you will get off at Hubing Road Station. Bus Y2 also runs to West Lake; take the bus for 2 stops to Qingbo Gate Station. This route is available 8am to 6pm and costs 3 Yuan.

East Railway Station

The alternative to the more principal Hangzhou Railway Station is the East Railway Station, about 12 kilometers away. It is 38 kilometers from downtown and has taken over all routes from the South Railway Station, which is currently under construction and improvements. Many trains come through this station, along with more than 50,000 to 60,000 passengers daily.

Hangzhou’s downtown is called Wulin Square and is located in Wulin District, 38 km from Hangzhou East Railway Station.

Trains it offers

As with the Hangzhou Railway Station, here you can find routes to the major destinations in China such as Beijing, Zhengzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Chengdu, Wuhan, Shanghai, and Qingdao, where Shanghai is always a good alternative and connection point for other sites in the country.

The Nanjing-Hangzhou high speed train operates through here, as well as Hangzhou-Ningbo, Shanghai-Hangzhou, and Hangzhou-Huangshan. Bullet trains (G and D) go to Shanghai Hongqiao, Ningbo East, Beijing South, Jinan West, Hefei Station, Xiamen North, Nanjing South, Fuzhou South, and Tianjin West.

Purchasing Tickets

There are a number of ticket offices. At entrance B1, at the southwest and also northeast, you will find 2 offices including self-serve machines. There are also offices on the second floor. In total, there are 79 self-serve machines and 28 ticket windows at the Hangzhou East Railway Station.


There are 5 floors, with platforms on basement 3, the main station facilities on basement 2, arrival floor and ground transportation stations on basement 1, and waiting rooms and 28 total departure platforms for 30 rail lines on the two levels above ground. The waiting rooms have free WiFi Internet available.

If you are connecting at the station, you can also access Hangzhou’s metro, city bus, water buses along the Grand Canal, and taxi systems easily from here.


By Air

From Hangzhou Airport, you can take the airport shuttle bus to Hangzhou Railway Station, then transfer to Metro line 1 to reach Hangzhou East Railway Station. In total, the journey costs about 20 Yuan and takes about 2 hours.

By Subway

Metro line 1 is the main subway link for Hangzhou East Railway Station, linking the station with the city such as Wulin Square Station in downtown about 30 minutes away, and the airport. This line also takes you to Hangzhou Railway Station in about 25 minutes.

Line 4 is also available.

To go to West Lake, take Metro line 1 for about 30 minutes and disembark at Longxiang Bridge Station, leaving the station at Exit C.

By Taxi

The station’s taxi station exit is B1.

To go between Hangzhou East Railway Station and the airport by taxi, the cost is about 90 Yuan and takes about 40 minutes.

A taxi to the central area of Hangzhou such as Wulin Square is about 30 Yuan and takes roughly 40 minutes.

The West Lake area is about 20 minutes away and costs around 25 Yuan.

To go to Hangzhou Railway Station, it should cost around 30 Yuan and take about 20 minutes.

By Bus

The station is served by city bus lines 20, 28, 31, 33, 93, 43, 105, 106, 107, 108, 123, 179, 200, 215, 224, 227, 228, 297, 320, 864, and more. The cost per ride is between 1 and 3 Yuan.

To go to Hangzhou Railway Station, take bus 105 to Jianguo North Railway Station and then transfer to bus 90. The cost is about 2-4 Yuan and takes around 45 minutes.

The West Lake is close by, so you can take bus 28 to the Wulin Gate stop and then walk the rest of the way. In total, it should take about 50 minutes.

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