Confucius Temple

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Construction work of the Confucius Temple in Harbin began in 1926 and completed in 1929. The temple ground occupies an area of 23.000 square meters and its construction area is 4418 square meters now. It is not only the most complete existing old building in Heilongjiang, but the largest Confucian temple in the northeastern part of China. The structure of this temple, oriented north and south, consists of three courtyards, which belgons to the typical Qing dynasty architectural style.

The forecourt in the south with the green pine and cypress in the yard is the entering gate to the temple. In the south of the forecourt, there is a pond which looks like the moon, and the bridge over the pool looks like a rainbow. There is a "Million-side Palace Hall" (commonly known as Shadow Wall) with the azure stone in the south of the pond. The Lingxing Gate in the north of the pond is a wood torii. Lingxing Gate, together with another two Chinese-style arches (one is in the east of the courtyard, the other is in the west) are called "Three Arches".    

The middle courtyard is the main part of the Confucius Temple. The main hall in this courtyard is called Dacheng Hall. The foundation of it is rounded by bowlder balustrades. And the verandah is magnificent with various colors which make people feel dignified and superb. The sculptures of Confucius, Sipei deities and 12 memorial tablets of sages were arranged in the hall. On both sides of the main hall are another two small halls which lines the memorial tablets of disciples of

The whole architectural complexes are very suitable for the environment there making this area a scroll of beautiful painting.

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 No.25 Wenmiao Street of Nangang District in Harbin

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You can take the bus No.14, No.25 and No.104.

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15  RMB

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 If needed, you can call the telephone 82538438 to consult the details about this temple.

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