Harbin Moon Bay Ski Resort

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Harbin Moon Bay (Yueliang Wan)Ski Resort is located in Harbin city, bordering the beautiful Sun Island. It covers an area of 200,000 square meters. A 2000-square meter comprehensive mall perfectly combines entertainment, accommodation, and relaxation. The resort boasts of favorable location and convenient transportation and a near distance from the newly-built "Snow and Ice World". To its east, stands the snow sculpture park on the Sun Island. To its north, lies the Tiger Zoo. Watching winter swimming, snow sculpture, and tiger and then skiing in Harbin Yueliang Wan Ski Resort has become a hot tour itinerary for travelers to Harbin.

To welcome ski lovers from home and abroad, Yueliang Wan Ski Resort has done an expansion and amendment to its field. The expanded comprehensive hall possesses standard rooms, karaoke room, poolroom and the like. The indoor service zone can provide coffee, hot tea and souvenirs.

The overall ski field totals 65,000 square meters. It has intermediate run which is 450 meters long, 25 meters high, 40 meters wide and 36 degrees slope and elementary run which is 240 meters long, 16 meters high, 25 meters wide and a run for children. Meanwhile three ropeways can take the skiers to the top of the trail quickly. Harbin Yueliang Wan (Moon Bay) Ski Resort exclusively presents "skiing under light" activity which means you can enjoy skiing at a romantic night. Such activities as riding horse, taking snow sled driven by dogs can bring more fun to your skiing experience.

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It is located in Harbin city, bordering the beautiful Sun Island.

How to Get There?

1.Take tourist bus bound for  Sun Island at Anti-flood Memorial Tower(the last station of second-line bus of zhongyang street, Daoyi District, Harbin city) and get off at Harbin Yueliang Wan (Moon Bay) Ski Resort.

2.Take the special bus 29 from Youyi Road to the destination.

Ticket Price:

Skiing price: 110 yuan/2 hours; 140 yuan/4 hours; 220 yuan/day
Night skiing: 100 yuan/2 hours (18:00—23:00)
Entertainment: Motoring riding in the snow: 20 yuan/circle; Horse riding in the snow: 10 yuan/circle; Dogs pulling the sledge: 10 yuan/circle
Ski instructor: 30-50 yuan

Opening Hours:

More Tips:

Telephone: 0451-888191246, 0451-888190351

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