Yuquan Ski Resort

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The Yuquan Ski Resort is located in Heilongjiang Province on the Mountain Range of Zhangguang cai. The resort is 65 miles from the city of Harbin and it also borders the biggest hunting park located in Asia. The resort is surrounded with 17 beautiful mountains. The highest one is Dark Stone Mountain which is 547 meters above the sea level.

Things to Do


Yuquan Ski Resort is 65 miles from Harbin and spread over an area of 3000 hectares. It has 6 different ski trails. The longest trail among these is 1670 meters. The Yuquan Ski Resort has several entertainment facilities such as dog sleds, horse ridings, watching deer and hunting.

Main Attractions 

The biggest attraction other than skiing in the Yuquan Ski Resort is the Hunting Ground. It is currently the largest hunting ground in the country and is located west of the city of Harbin. The hunting area is located on Changbai Mountain sub range and covers an area of around 3000 hectares. This hunting ground also has a large coverage of 80% forest and includes 17 peaks with altitude more than 3000m.

Immense Natural Beauty 

Throughout the Yuquan Ski Resort area are rare plants and clean streams can be found. It is home to various rabbits, deer, goats and other wildlife species. There are Siberian Tigers in the area. Other than hunting, the Yuquan Ski Resort also offers uniquely designed lodging with wooden domes in the traditional hunter architecture. Visitors can also enjoy horse riding, barbecue and skiing. The Yuquan Ski Resort is considered to be slightly expensive and is usually very popular with the elite and rich of China. 

Skiing Facilities 

Yuquan Ski Resort is very popular with beginners since it has a very long skiing season, free style trails for skiing, convenient slopes and good snow quality. It is also a major entertainment location which combines hunting with skiing. Tourists can ride horse driven sleds, dog sleds, ride horses, snowing balloons and lots more. It also has a large hotel which can accommodate over 3000 people.

Snow Field 

The snow field in Yuquan Ski Resort offers several great facilities such as three sections with 400 meters length and 60 meters width. The slope in 10 of these slope fields also have a ropeway, ski clothing, ski rentals, ski equipment, dog pulled sleds and snow motorcycles among a lot more.

The Hunting Park 

The Yuquan Ski Resort also includes a large hunting park which is covered with greenery and is very popular with tourists. The ground has over 60 types of trees, 40 types of birds as well as a lot of deer. The Yuquan Ski Resort was initially built in 1930s and is one of the oldest skiing resorts in the country. The resort offers a great location for winter holidays with plenty of activities and great adventure.

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It is located 65 miles north western of Harbin.

How to Get There?

There are several trains from Harbin going towards the Yuquan Town like K637 , K479 and the return trains 6222, 2052 and K638.

Ticket Price:

Skating, ice ball, snow sled driven by horses, 80yuan/2 hours, 100yuan/half day, 160 yuan/the whole day.

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