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Hebei Festivals

1 Folk Flower Fair

Features of the activityIt has programs such as lion dance, Yangge dance, running donkey dance, hanging festive lantern, rattle stick dance, running land boat dance and letting off fireworks, which are overflowing with thick festive atmosphere. At that time, old and young, women and men, all gather on the streets to watch and participate in all kinds of celebration activities with ceaseless happy laugher and cheerful voice.

Location of the activityOn the Streets

Date of the festivalDuring the period of the New Year and temple fair  

2 Wanquan Shehuo

Features of the activityThere are activities such as 走场子、定桩子、跑八字、九龙混水、跑海鱼儿, playing the drum and fighting with the fists. These performances are generally conducted on the streets with a crowd of onlookers. It is a really lively scene.

Location of the activityWanquan County, Hebei Province

Date of the festivalSpring Festival and Lantern Festival of every year

3 Chengde International Tourist Festival

Features of the activityIt exhibits to tourists the graceful bearing of China’s famous historical and cultural city and let them appreciate the essence of world’s cultural heritage and explore the charm of the royal culture of the Qing Dynasty.

Location of the activityChengde

Date of the festivalJune 2nd to 4th of every year

4 Zhangjiakou Bashang Grassland Tourist Month

Features of the activityIt holds a bonfire, firework evening party, Mongolian songs and dances, and performances of local operas, horsemanship and wrestling as well as activities such as tourist product exhibition and tourist program negotiation.

Location of the activityBashang Grassland in Zhangjiakou

Date of the festivalFrom July to August of every year

5 Tangshan Chinese Porcelain Expo Festival

Features of the activityIt exhibits the exquisite porcelain craftwork and reproduces unique porcelain arts.

Location of the activity
Tangshan, Hebei Province

Date of the festivalSeptember 8th to 22nd of every year

6 China Shexian Nvwa Culture Festival

Features of the activityIt is held to encourage the spirit of Nvwa and promote the local economic development. Location of the activityBeside the Qingzhang River of Shexian

Date of the festivalFrom September 25th to October 10th of every year

7 China Great Wall Culture and Tourism Festival

Features of the activityIt is held to let tourists further appreciate the culture of the Great Wall, experience the thick flavor of folk customs along the Great Wall and take part in the rich and unique athletic and tourist activities in the essence section.

Location of the activityScenic areas such as Badaling, Mutianyu, Jinshanling, Huangyaguan, Panjiakou, Shanhaikuan, Jiaoshan Mountain, Jiumenkou and Laolongtou Great Wall     

Date of the festivalSeptember 6th to 16th of every year

8 China Wuqiao Acrobatic Culture Festival

Features of the activityIt exhibits breathtaking and wonderful traditional acrobatic arts.

Location of the activityCangzhou  

Date of the festivalFrom May 1st to 10th of every year

9 Hebei Shunping Peach Blossom Festival

Features of the activityIn April of every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists gather there to go for a walk in the country and appreciate flowers in spring. It has developed into a general and large-scale viewing and tourist area.

Location of the activityShunping County

Date of the festivalApril of every year   

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