Baohe River Park

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It is famous as a place where Bao Zheng, the rhadamanthine official in the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127), and his offspring lived. There are the Baogong’s Ancestral Shrine and Baogong’s Grave inside this interest of place, which makes it leave a good name to posterity and be respected and admired by all.

During the years of Jia Jing in the Ming Dynasty, Baogong's Ancestral Shrine was built on the Fragrant Flower Pier in the river center where Bao Gong did reading in his childhood. In the court of the ancestral shrine, there seats a statue of Bao Zheng which is 8 chi (a longitudinal unit in China, and 1 meter is 3 chi) high, while the statues of Wang Chao, Ma Han, Zhang Long and Zhao Hu stand in both sides. There are also three cutters in the shape of the dragon head, the tiger head and the dog head. In the chambers of both sides, there display the excavations from the Baogong’s Grave, including the Lessons and the family tree of Bao clan. There is a well in Liujiao Pavilion which locates to the east of the shrine. And it was said that corrupt officials would suffer a splitting headache once they drank the well water and that’s why the well is called "Righteous Spring". The tombs for Bao Zheng and his wife and his offspring lie in the conifer woods which has an area of 3 hectares and locates to the southeast of the Baohe River.

The new Baogong Culture Park was reconstructed on the basis of the original Baohe River Park to memorize the 1000th anniversary of Bao Zheng's death. Except the Baogong Ancestral Shrine and the Baogong Grave, there built many other new scenery spots, such as the Qing Tian (Qing Tian means heaven in ancient China) Pavilion, Baogong Museum, Virtue Square, and Fountain and so on. The whole scenery spot is solemn and respectful with excellent surroundings.    

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