Huancheng Park

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There are all together 8 minor scenery spots (which is usually called Gongyuan) inside the Huancheng Park, and they are Xiaoyao Jin Park, Huandong (which is also named as Hebin, referring to the streamside) Park, Baohe Park, Yinhe Park, Xishan Park, Huanxi (also called Black Dam) Park, Xinghua Village Park, Huanbei Park. The Huancheng Park covers an area of 3.4 square kilometers and is 8.7 kilometers long.

The numerous scenic spots in the Huancheng Park are different from each other and have their own characteristics. The Huanxi Park and Yinhe Park are famous for their waterscape; Xishan Park has peculiar sculptures; Xiaoyao Jin Park and Baohe Park have plenty of human landscapes; Huanbei Park has the advantage of plenty of natural scenes. In each of these minor scenery spots, the human landscapes mingle with the natural landscapes and the moving scenes harmonize with the static scenes and the modern views integrated the ancient ones. And the bridges, the running water, the rockeries and the green trees there set each other off well. Surrounding the city, the Huancheng Park forms a great open artificial garden and possesses multiple functions such as the ecological conservation, aesthetics, tour and entertainment and so on. The luxuriant flowers and trees, which seem like green rings, surround the whole city and that is why Hefei is called the "Green City". The Huancheng Park is an important scenery spot in Hefei.

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