Hui Park

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The overall layout of Hui Park follows the framework of administrative division of Anhui Province. It covers an area of 20 hectares with Yangtze River and Huaihe River running through it. The park of North Wan in the east adopts the architectural style of royal gardens, while the park of South Wan in the west refers to the Water Gap Park which belongs to the architectural style of Hui school.

The five corolliform pillars in the front of the gate of Hui Park symbolize the 50th birthday of our country and the rich harvest achieved by the reform and opening-up. Connected with the park gate, the Century Bridge, which is in the form of a telephone receiver, infers that the 21st century is an information era. Divided by the Century Bridge, the waters to the east of it is Huaihe River while the waters to the west of it is Yangtze River. Crossing the Century Bridge tourists can arrive at the Century Square which occupies an area of 10,000 square meters and where there will be great performances for holidays and festivals.

Different area in Anhui Province constructed symbolical architectures on the corresponding zone bits in the park to represent their local culture. So Tourists can find some wonderful artificial scenes there, such as the Beautiful Scene of Mountain Huang, the Sail’s Shadow on Chao Lake, the Grace of Di Park, Virginia Bright Leaf of Mountain Jiuhua, and the scenery that Li Bai Chants the Moon. Besides, different area also built various modern exhibition centers to display the achievements of social economy development in Anhui Province. 

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