Mountain Shu

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The altitude of the Mountain Shu scenic spot is 284 meters. The scenes there are charming and gentle and it is beautiful throughout all four seasons. Mountain Shu is absorbing for those green and luxuriant pines and cypresses and exotic flowers and rare herbs. It is more attractive after some new scenes appear around the foot of the mountain, such as, an artificial lake with a surface area of more than 20,000 mu, a Memorial Mausoleum to the martyrs which covers 400 mu, a botanical garden and vacation village with an area of 70 hectares, the base of flowers and plantlet and Hefei Wildlife Park which cover an area of more than 80 hectares, the Mountain Shu Gallery which is 370 meters long and takes its first place in Anhui, the Sheng Xiao (Sheng Xiao refers to those twelve animals symbolizing the Twelve Branches used to designate years, according to lunar calendar) Park, Peterbo Entertainment Center for shooting paint balls, and those Cherry Garden, Chinese Rose Garden and Maple Woods which create scenes out of plants. Hefei high and new technology industrial development zone lies on the east of Mountain Shu and various modern constructions there add the rhythm of the new age to the scenic spot.

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