Qingfeng Pavilion

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Qingfeng Pavilion scenery spot covers an area of 2.2 hectares. The whole pavilion is crowned with trees and the air there is perfumed with flowers. There are ancient constructions imitating those of the Song Dynasty, such as Virtue Square, Ming Yue Pavilion, Yu Zhao Fei Liang, Lian Yu Pavilion, Changfeng Studio, Qingfeng Pavilion, Art Gallery, Audiovisual Gallery and Exhibition Room and so on. Of all these constructions, the Qingfeng Pavilion is the main one. It is 42 meters high and has nine floors, 5 of which are bright and 4 of which are gloomy. There are plenty of wood-carvings, stone inscriptions and couplets hung on the columns of a hall.

Tourists can overlook the beautiful scenes of Baohe River once they mount the Qingfeng Pavilion. They can appreciate the forests strewing at random along the slope of the city wall at the north bank of the river, dense metasequoia poking into the sky and evergreen palm trees at the south bank, green willows around the bank wavering along the wavelet and the sparkling surface of water reflecting the clouds and the blue sky.  

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Tourists can get there by direct buses No. 6 and 11 from the urban area.

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Recommended time for travel: All four seasons are suitable for traveling while the scenery is most beautiful from April to October.

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