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Hefei Food

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Hefei Featured Food:

Luzhou Roasted Duck

Luzhou Roasted Duck is the delicious delicacy, which was provided for the emperors and the nobles at first. Then it was passed on to the riches and powerful families, even to the common people's homes in the Ming Dynasty. This product chooses the materials carefully and the making process requires serious work. It is rich in fragrance and tastes fat but not greasy. It has crisp skin and tender meat, tasting refreshing, not salty or insipid. It is exceptional fresh and delicious. When mentioning Luzhou Roasted Duck, people will all agree to give highly praise to this kind of typical food. It received the honor of high quality product of Anhui province and the Ministry of Commerce in 1987 and won the gold medal in the First Chinese Food Exhibition in 1983. 

Baogong Fish

The original name of "Baogong Fish" is "Hongsu Bao River Crucian". The Baohe River is a city moat around Baogong Ancestral Shrine. The crucian from the Baohe River is called “Baogong Fish” because its shell looks like the shell of a turtle. The fish is crisp, mushy, and fresh and has the scent of lotus leaves, leaving no residues when putting into mouth. The taste is delicious. A well-known cook called Liang Yugang made the dish for Chairman Mao when Mao paid an inspection visit to Anhui in 1958. Chairman Mao spoke highly of it and met with the cook Liang after dinner, and presented him with apples.

Caocao Chicken

It’s a great pleasure for tourists to visit the religious platform for crossbows (Mingjiao Temple) and taste Caocao Chicken in Hefei, Anhui province. Caocao Chicken is made by mixing the superior small chickens with the famous Gujing spirit, which is produced in Libai’s hometown, Haozhou city, Anhui province. And another 18 kind of auxiliary materials are added, such as Rhizoma Gastrodiae, Eucommia bark, mushroom, winter bamboo shoots, etc. They have a good effect on people’s stomach and can build up people’s health. The first step is that honey is daubed on the whole chickens after they are killed and washed cleanly. Then the following three processes are frying, cooking and stewing. At last Caocao chicken is finished. The taste is fragrant and the color is ruddy and lustrous. The meat is mushy but actually connected. And it is so soft that can be taken off automatically from the bone while being rocked. The bone is crisp. What’s more, it contains abundant nutrition. Tourists can en

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Li Hongzhang Medley

Li Hongzhang Medley is eminent delicacy in Hefei. It is said that Li Hongzhang ever invited the American guests to enjoy the Chinese dishes during he paid a visit to America. The Chinese dishes were so popular with the guests that Li Hongzhang ordered the cook to add more dishes. But the main dishes had been used up. The cook had no choice but to put the remaining seafood together into a pot and cook them.   These foreign guests tasted it and praised it highly, asking about its name. Li Hongzhang answered in Hefei dialect: "Zasui". Since then "the medley" spreads through all America. And Hefei also follows the way of doing it. Then it becomes a famous delicacy. The main materials include sea cucumber, fish maw, squid, dried slices of tender bamboo shoots, tightly rolled dried skin of bean milk, chicken, ham, the egg yolk pudding, pigeon's egg, pork liver, dried scallop, a type of dried mushroom, salted duck egg yolk, spinach, chicken soup, etc. The charact

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Heifei Four Famous Pastries

Hefei four famous pastries which include Sesame Cake, Bake Cake, Cuijin Cake and Baiqie Cake, are well known by their abundant ingredients, special flavors and refined packing. Sesame Cake is in the shape of moon cake, whose surface is soft and fragrant, while the stuffing is sweet but not greasy. The color of the surface is golden and the rim of the surface is light golden. Full sesame is distributed on the surface uniformly. It has different flavors of fruit, such as, tangerine, plum, etc. Bake Cake is golden, glossy, fragrant, crisp, sweet and delicious. Cunjin Cake has special fragrance of orange or sweet osmanthus, tasting sweet, scrip and delicious. Baiqie Cake is transparent and in white in color, thin and even slices and sweet with heavy perfume of sesame.