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Heifei Four Famous Pastries

Last updated by chinatravel at 2017/5/22

Hefei four famous pastries which include Sesame Cake, Bake Cake, Cuijin Cake and Baiqie Cake, are well known by their abundant ingredients, special flavors and refined packing. Sesame Cake is in the shape of moon cake, whose surface is soft and fragrant, while the stuffing is sweet but not greasy. The color of the surface is golden and the rim of the surface is light golden. Full sesame is distributed on the surface uniformly. It has different flavors of fruit, such as, tangerine, plum, etc. Bake Cake is golden, glossy, fragrant, crisp, sweet and delicious. Cunjin Cake has special fragrance of orange or sweet osmanthus, tasting sweet, scrip and delicious. Baiqie Cake is transparent and in white in color, thin and even slices and sweet with heavy perfume of sesame.