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Li Hongzhang Medley

Last updated by  at 2017/4/24

Li Hongzhang Medley is eminent delicacy in Hefei. It is said that Li Hongzhang ever invited the American guests to enjoy the Chinese dishes during he paid a visit to America. The Chinese dishes were so popular with the guests that Li Hongzhang ordered the cook to add more dishes. But the main dishes had been used up. The cook had no choice but to put the remaining seafood together into a pot and cook them.   These foreign guests tasted it and praised it highly, asking about its name. Li Hongzhang answered in Hefei dialect: "Zasui". Since then "the medley" spreads through all America. And Hefei also follows the way of doing it. Then it becomes a famous delicacy. The main materials include sea cucumber, fish maw, squid, dried slices of tender bamboo shoots, tightly rolled dried skin of bean milk, chicken, ham, the egg yolk pudding, pigeon's egg, pork liver, dried scallop, a type of dried mushroom, salted duck egg yolk, spinach, chicken soup, etc. The characters are pure fragrant with different flavor, fresh, salty and so on.