Heilongjiang Festivals

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The most ceremonious festivals are Heilongjiang International Skiing Festival and Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival. Other local festivals include Harbin International Beer Festival, Heilongjiang International Forest Eco-tourism Festival, Wuhuashan Mountain Scenery Festival, Heilongjiang Volcano Tourism Festival (Wudalianchi Drinking Water Festival) and Heilongjiang Eco-forest Drift Festival.

Heilongjiang International Skiing Festival

The festival lasts for one month from December 5th to January 5th of the next year. If you like skiing, go there and have fun in the ice and snow world.

Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival

It is also held from Dec. 5 to Jan. 5. You can enjoy the marvelous scene of ice lantern and snow carving, enjoy the theatrical performances and take part in the entertainments on the ice.

Harbin Summer Concert

The music festival is usually held in summer at the bank of Songhuajiang River. More than 40 performances with about 500 programs are put on every year.

Heilongjiang International Volcano Festival (Wudalianchi Drinking Water Festival)

It is a very important festival held in Wudalianchi. Wudalianchi in Chinese means “five inter-related springs”. The city is named after the five mineral springs scattered in Yaoquan (meaning medical spring) Mountain. Wudalianchi Drinking Water Festival has had a history of more than 200 years. The festival lasts three days from June 10 to 12, and the ceremonious activities include the opening ceremony of the volcano festival, the costume ball of the Black Ash Day of Daur people and the firework evening. The festival is so ceremonious and influential that the locals think it is even grander than the traditional New Year Eve. Every year, about 80,000 to 100,000 people gather in Wudalianchi City to join in the celebration. The festival is nowadays not only an occasion for people to drink the mineral water from the medical springs in the mountains (the water, heavily carbonated, is believed to be good to one’s health) and have a trip but also an important opportunity for people to hold business talks, sell the local specialties and exchange the colorful folk culture.

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