Henan History

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Henan province is regarded as one of the major birthplaces of the ancient culture of China. With abundance natural resources and treasures, Henan province has thousands of talented people who attributed to its splendid history. Back to the Neolithic times(5,500 B.C. to 2,500 B.C.) four thousand years ago, people in the central plain of China created famous "Peiligang culture", "Yangshao culture" and "Longshang culture". This area has given birth to the Chinese ancient ideologists Li’er, Zhangzi, politians Shangyang, Lisi, scientists Zhangheng, famous physician saint Zhangzhongjing, litterateurs Hanyu, philosophers chenghao, chengyi, national heroes Yuefei, Yangjingyu, Pengxuefeng, Dengyingchao, to name just a few. In the long historical rivers, Henan plays an important role in the field of politics, military, economy, culture of China. More than twenty dynasties have been built its capital or move its capital to Henan province successively, and Henan province occupies three (Luoyang, Kaifeng, Anyang) among the seven ancient capitals in China.

Henan province, with splendid civilization, owns a long history and is one of the birthplaces of the ancient Chinese civilization.

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