Jiangkou Birds Island

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The core area of the birds island covers an area of 35 hectares. It consists of Chenjia Island, Zhangjia Island and Longjia Island, forming very good entironment. With many bamboos and trees, the island is warm and humid. Near the island, there are reservoir, ponds, rice paddy and forests. With rice food for birds, this is a paradise for birds. Thre are more than 100,000 birds here of 181 kinds, 38 sections, 17 items. In the early morning and nightfall, it is the time for birds to come out and return the nests, which is also the best time to view birds. As people say “when the birds are flying, one would mistake them for cloud; when the birds are landing, one cannot see the river”. The birds’ island has been named “birds’ paradise in crowd”. According to the characteristics and situation of Jiangkou Birds Island, the government of Hengnan County is exploring eco-tourism of Jiangkou Birds Island. Stick to the guideline of protection and enhancing protection through exploration, the birds island will be built to be a natural park gathering the functions of viewing birds, leisure, entertainment, education and shopping. Before long, there will be a new birds’ island.

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